+ [mark: -136.57.07] +

+ Dug out the Ultramarines again, and got highlighting. This group is near complete now. The following bits to be done:

  • Weathering and scratching
  • Eye lenses
  • Base drybrush
  • Base rims
  • Final check
+ Not much at all. That'll bring them to the same stage as these chaps:

+ It all seems a long way from 2008; and hopefully that shows in the painting. +

+ Long live the 190th! +


Unknown said...

I am absolutely in love with your true scale marines. The one-off imperial fist model has to be one of my favorites that I have seen on the internet thus far and these ultramarines are inspiring me to make my own big marines. I had a few questions on the process you used: I really like the weathering that you did on the imperial fist marine and was wondering how you would transfer that technique to black power armor? Also I love the shoulder pads that you have been using for your ultramarines, are they of your own making or are they from a set that I've not heard of? Thank you for your time! Keep up the awesome work!

Pontifex said...

Those are just fantastic.Just the way Ultramarines Should look, archaic and regal.

apologist said...

Cheers Luna and Quinn.

Luna, I wrote a reply that got gobbled by scrapcode; so I'll see if I can write a proper blog post on weathering black sometime soon.