+ conceptinload: Ultramarines 190th +

+ conceptinload: Ultramarines 190th +

+ I've recently teamed up for a joint project log on the Bolter and Chainsword forum [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]

+ The idea is to build towards an Ultramarine vs. Word Bearer battle; with both of us using our 'true-scale' Marine armies. 

+ Something I like to do for my modelling/painting projects is a little abstract, which helps make sure I stay on track with what enthused me about the project in the first place. Now the project is up and running, I wanted to put down my thoughts and start working out what I want to do with the 190th.
  • My best work
  • Strong sense of cohesion and uniformity
  • Links to Epic Space Marine and classic Rogue Trader touches
    • Lexicanium Elisar Trask (Codex Titanicus)
    • Helmet stripes
    • Rapier assault guns
  • Links to Know No Fear and modern Horus Heresy material
  • Different from, but related to my older Ultramarines
  • Useable in Great Crusade-era gaming.
  • Interesting and distinctive
  • Typical of the Ultramarines on Calth – not a 'special group'
+ With those in mind, the 190th will be based on Calth when the Word Bearers attack. I'll need a location for them to be occupying on Calth while they wait to be loaded up to the fleet attacking the greenskins. It makes sense that they're near to a city or port; and I'd like it to be an icy place (to go with the bases).

+ Macragge has polar fortresses, so it makes sense to me to have Calth also having polar defences. None of the new literature mentions polar locations on Calth, so I'm free to use the areas creatively. 

+ I quite like the idea of the Captain being one of the Librarians who no longer uses his powers (as a result of the Edict of Nikea). The Librarians were returned to the ranks, but I see no reason why one couldn't have proven himself capable enough to lead a Company (1000 marines, in the Heresy era). It'd also make a nice differentiation; a self-doubting commander who is always tempted to use his psychic power in order to help his men survive ... will he follow orders? +


ssspectre said...

Oh man, it's like Superman v Batman, but more exciting and with better characters!

Word Bearer said...

I have been working on a Truescale wordbearers army for 4 years, I want in on this project if possible.