+ inload: Basic training +

More troops are being fed through as supply lines strengthen throughout the 500 Worlds...

Some WIP marines, including a sergeant and heavy weapon trooper.

I have used some Cataphract legs for the Ultramarine on the far right. I trimmed the decoration on the front down, and think it makes a very effective set of Mark II legs:

I've also got a new Company banner bearer with which I'm pretty pleased; pictured here alongside another standard trooper and a squad banner bearer.

He's based loosely on this statue of the Emperor Augustus; which I thought would be a fun link to the Romans.
+ noospheric inloadlink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus#mediaviewer/File:Statue-Augustus.jpg +

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slovak said...

I really like the "Ave" hand gesture on the standard-bearer, your marine models always seem to capture a nobility that works and feels sincere.
Really like your blog, I've linked to it from my own. Stop by sometime, keep up the awesome work.