+ inload: Rebasing continues +

+ This shot shows around a dozen Ultramarines that I'm working upon in order to have them ready for the game on Sunday. Whether I get them all complete is not clear, but I'm hoping to have them at least based, washed, and with the gold complete.

+ It's also, funnily enough, the first shot on my blog (at least that I can remember) of my workspace, an old bureau I picked up second-hand. A great purchase; it keep all my paints, brushes and materials stowed safely but readily to hand. It also folds up to keep everything neat, tidy and dust-free.

+ If you look closely at the front left-hand side, you'll see a couple of the more recent Praetors. I wasn't so happy with these, so they're getting a spruce-up to fit into the new combined force. +

+ Rebasing +

+ The rebasing continues. In retrospect, I ought to have primed the bases before gluing the marines on. Instead, I'm layering the top with Graveyard Earth to give the eventual snow bases a bit of depth and to help it stick properly. +

+ One thing that was slightly concerning me was the characters on base toppers (one from GW's Marneus Calgar, one a resin topper from Fenris), but they came away easily and look good. A little spruce of snow to tie them in and they'll look right as rain. Quite pleased with the effect, actually:

+ The second concern was the marines with jump packs. Originally, a couple of these were posed jumping from scenery; something that worked well because of the weight of the larger 40mm resin bases. Now they've come down to 30mm, I've dropped the two down. Luckily, I still think they work:

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Unknown said...

Damn, those are some very nice true-scale marines. They ( especially the helmet less ones) remind me of the marines on the cover of Horus rising.