+ inload: Minor forces of the Scallop Stars +

+ The old worldwide campaigns were supported by some really cool concepts – not least the little bits of colour text and single images that detailed (then-unknown) regiments like the Savlar Chem-dogs, Death Korps of Krieg and Elysian Drop Troops. This is something that I really loved.

+ As the Scallop Stars campaign goes along, I'd like to add little character sketches of armies, in order to help support the impression that the war is huge, and goes beyond our own 'real' 40k armies.+

+ Designated Focus: 'Zodrukk's Sneeks' ork tribe +

+ inload source: Desk of the Lord Commander Ultima +
+ FAO Imperial Commanders of rank Major (equiv.) or above +
+ Thought for the day: Read, Mark and Learn. +

I have recently been made aware that a freebooting commando force specialising in infiltration and sabotage – self-designated 'Zodrukk's Sneeks' have been implicated in numerous attacks, acts of sabotage and other efforts that have contributed to Imperial loss of life and limb.

+ This missive is intended to spread information about the enemy, in order that he may be identified and exterminated. Do not disseminate this information to the ranks of the soldiery!

+ First contact: The group was identified as xenos aggressor by Captain Spear of the Gothic-class Cruiser Steel Eye (Ambitine Purge Fleet) in the second month of 778; post-invasion by merely a few days. 

+ Threat level: The speed at which the force made contact indicates a high level of responsiveness; or else internal Imperial subversion. Efforts should be made to root out any staff who have had contact or dealings with mercenary forces native to the Scallop Stars – deal with them as you see appropriate. Beyond this, regular firesweeps should be made of Imperial Naval craft of the Ambitine Purge Fleet – particularly those that have been engaged in Void War, or received medical evacuation or reinforcement from the planets of the first landings on the Ambitine Front (viz. Cibernum Alpha, Genyx). 
+ Aside from this, the force is believed to be fairly disparate, though relatively highly organised. You are unlikely to encounter the 'Sneeks' en masse – so be aware of them in support of other orkoid forces, or in isolation as small cells of no more than thirty orks.

+ Action: On contact, attempt to engage and capture for interrogation. Report to fleet command as a priority whether capture is possible or not. Engage as possible; maintain fire discipline through the ranks. Officers are likely targets of their modus operandi in order to spread disorder. Purge teams of line infantry can likely deal with all engagements without officers beyond Captain level. Major rank and above (incl. brevet ranks) should be withdrawn, along with any aides who have knowledge of this inload. 

+ Identification: The force employs primitive camouflage, and seems to have extensive fieldcraft skills and abilities. Non-gentlemanly warfare and asymmetrical engagement is to be expected of this force. Most engagements have seen the orks with breathing gear, occasional void suits and small arms; nothing beyond heavy stubber-equivalents and RPG equivalents. 

+ Image Capture of typical belligerent:
+ Source: Haupt-sergeant Carenna (KIA), Delphi 20th Light Infantry; Genyx Landings. +

+End missive+

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