+ inload: Forces of the Scallop Stars 3 +

+ Designated Focus: Redgobz/Bloody Toof Boyz +

+ This tribe was first brought to the attention of the Imperial military during the Fourth Great Purge. Like many ork groups, the Bloody Teef Boyz have had numerous leaders over several generations, and maintain dozens of rivalries and grudges against nearby ork groups. 

+ The homesystem and traditional fief of the ork tribe known variously as the Bloody Teef Boyz, Bloody Toofs, Redgobz and numerous other variations, holds four major worlds: Gorgob (known to Imperial forces as Pallas), Grinsnik, Weteye and Wurrsnaga.

+ inload source: Desk of the Lord Commander Ultima +
+ FAO Imperial Commanders of rank Major (equiv.) or above +
+ Thought for the day: The tallow of man keeps alight the flame of hope. +

+ Contact across numerous theatres has been made with a single enemy force. Believed to have substantial numbers, the 'Bloody Toof Boyz', as they style themselves, are fast beomcing a major threat, and every effort should be made to neutralise their forces and degrade their ability to coordinate, post haste.

+ This missive is intended to spread information about the enemy, in order that he may be identified and exterminated. Do not disseminate this information to the ranks of the soldiery!

+ First contact: The group is unusual in maintaining its own fleet, part of the larger group clustered around the Stellar Wells – the so-called 'Stellar Wells Greens'. However, first contact was made by a ranging picket ship of the Hyperion Front, a vessel belonging to the Stars of Dorn Astartes Chapter. Happening across a superior force of enhanced cruiser-displacement craft in the tribe's distinctive livery, the Furious Anger disengaged after a brief but damaging engagement. Having sustained boarders during the retreat, the Furious Anger was later found to be harbouring a surprisingly sophisticated and self-replicating void-tracking broadcast system. To what end is unclear at this point.

+ Threat level: Extremely high. The force muster is believed to number in the millions; with many subgroups and allied factions. The 'Bloodeater King', the tribal leader, has so far proven elusive. Elements and groups ranging from battalion strength down to unit cells have been positively identified across almost every world during this first year of conflict.

+ Action: On contact, report to fleet command as a priority. The tribe enjoys substantial support and manpower, and must be met with crushing force wherever possible. Levels of engagement up to fleet orbital bombardment have been sanctioned: check with Commissariat and Naval Fleet command.

+ Identification: The tribe appears to have no especial preponderance of 'clan' fidelities, with an equal balance seemingly between Evil Sun, Snakebite, Deathskull and Bad Moon social types, and a scattering of Goff, Blood Axe and minor clans. This diversity and balance makes the group especially dangerous as the typical adaptability and strategies of any clan type are seemingly equally likely to be employed. The clearest identifying mark is the red teeth of the tribe. Believed to have stemmed from the chewing of betel, a rare spice theorised to be native to the ork's theorised homeworld under the codename Pallas. Betel juice is red-staining, giving those enjoying this mild narcotic a distinctive red maw. Leaders of the orks are known to have had their teeth permanently stained, their lower jaws tattooed red, and dozens of other variations. Even their vehicles are daubed with red jaw symbols.

+ Image Captures of typical belligerent for identification only:+ Source: Brother-Sergeant Androth, Ishilites; Birch theatre. +

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