+ inload: Genyx + 

+ Records of the world of Genyx are amongst the oldest in the sector; with partial fragments dating back to pre-Scribe Wars material. Unfortunately, little of this is directly useful, as the planet is believed to have been subjected to an Exterminatus-level event during the Great Crusade, which meant that the records refer only vaguely to 'the planette Gennicks [sic], yclept same by the Awfulle master of ye Legion Outramare in yis yearre of Crusade 222; and noted hens as an aide navigationelle from Hesiodd Spaes.'

+ The planet is relatively well-charted, owing to its astrographical position: not only is it the closest major ork-held world to Imperial space, it also lies on the path of the Hyperion Warp Corridor, meaning that numerous Imperial sellswords, Rogue Traders and ne'er-do-wells have explored it. In turn, their reports have made their way to Imperial Intelligence.

+ Overview +

+ The attached document includes much in-depth material on the planet, so this abstract will concentrate on broad strokes. You are recommended to read, mark and learn as much as possible before deployment; as well as to pass this information on to relevant underlings.

Aphelion 109,101,000 km; 0.844 191 AU
Perihelion 107,440,000 km; 0.834 001 AU
Eccentricity 0.0056
Orbital period 401.881 Terran standard
Satellites 4; 1 believed inhabited

Mass 4.9112 x 10^24 kg
Mean density 4.2721 g/cm^3
Equatorial surface gravity 7.88m/s^2 08144 Terran standard.

+ The planet is broadly similar to Terran standard, with only minor gravitional differences. Imperial Naval forces with regiments on deployment are required to adjust their gravity in transit to aid acclimation. Respectfully, Astartes forces are advised they need make no alteration to their usual drills.

+ The planet is hot – all theatres of conflict save the polar assault have a mean surface temperature of ~40C during seasonal deployment; rising to ~43C by the projected end of hostilities. Standard equipment and rebreathers are recommended. Additional hydration packs are being recquisitioned.

+ The planet is densely covered in vigorous jungle, with the major landmasses completely covered. The small oceans are salt-rich and shallow. 

+Tacticum Imperialis +
Jungle environments can be inherently unhealthy, with various tropical diseases that have to be prevented or treated by medical services. 
Likewise the terrain can make it difficult to deploy armoured forces, or any other kind of forces on any large scale. Successful jungle fighting emphasises effective small unit tactics and leadership.

+ Flora and Fauna are believed to be non-hostile; mostly potentially lethal; broadly inedible. All liquids must be sterilised. Failure of Guard forces to follow jungle-theatre prophylactic procedures and conventions will be subject to Commissarial review of Officer ranks. +

+ Thought for the day +
Learn from the enemy's mistakes; make none of your own.

+ Initial deployment theatres +

+ Northern hemisphere +

+ Battlegroup Hastus +

Hastus will assault the largest concentration of orks on the surface, at the settlement coded Bearpit. Lions of Sol have theatre command.

Astartes Assault elements
  • Carcharadon Astra
  • Lions of Sol
Imperial Guard Assault elements
  • Cibernum Pioneer Resistance
  • Genhennan 103rd Heavy Infantry
  • Lastrati 4th Infantry
  • Virtue 3rd Drop Regiment (Regimental deployment)

Imperial Guard Support specialist elements

  • Metis Light Foot (Regimential deployment)
  • Temperance Drop Engineers

+ Battlegroup Caridas +

Caridas will take and hold the Red Fen region, believed to be relatively heavily defended; and create lines of supply and retreat down to the equatorial regions for all Imperial ground forces. 

Astartes Assault elements
  • Invigilators
Imperial Guard Assault elements

  • Aldebaran 1st
  • Siculan 445th

+ Southern hemisphere +

+ Battlegroup Mensa +

The southern hemisphere has little of strategic worth to the orks – forces deployed here will be supported by Adeptus Mechanicus forces to create reinforced landing zones and Naval refitting yards to support the Grovsenor and Ambitine Front advances in the coming years.

Imperial Guard Assault elements

  • Memini 2nd Reserves
  • Marrymen 41st
  • Rubicon 2888th (Regimental deployment)

+ Mission abstract +

+ Deployment is set for the 1st Secundus M37.778. The southern hemisphere theatre is to be rendered compliant and ready to support ongoing operations by 1st of Commencement M37.779.

+ The Northern campaign is expected to meet stern resistance; Imperial Guard forces will be cycled out on demi-annual tours until functional complicance. Astartes pledges are requested to support for as long as possible until compelled further into orkspace; or Admiral d'Yrbium announces Compliance. +

+ Enemy disposition +

+ Heavy resistance is to be expected around the mobile population centres coded Bearpit, Tangent and Spearmint. Initial reconnaisance by the Metis Light Foot have confirmed ork spoor and tribal markers from the following off-planet ork forces that have moved to support:

Major ork deployments
  • Black Sunz (full tribal deployment suspected)
  • Golden Horde, The (Believed to be rallying planetary feral ork tribes – Omega threat level)
  • Shooty Boyz (support/advisory elements – engage with immediate intent)
  • Orful's Oldboyz
Minor Ork deployments
  • Redgobz
  • Neckslica's Speedas
  • Zoddrukk's Sneeks
+ Expect the orks to be highly mobile, highly resourceful and to have dug in. The aboriginal tribes are likely to have liaised with incoming forces, which means the orks will benefit from excellent intelligence and be fully adapted to the hostile environment.

+ Naval forces will be at the disposal of all Imperial commanders, cross services. Ork aircover is anticipated to be low, but the jungle canopy means that air support networks are near-impossible to detect. Expect a precociously high level of preparedness from the orks.

Engage and destroy are standing orders. +

+++Images used without permission+++

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