+ inload: Dis now belongs to da orks! +

+ Sometimes painting doesn't go quite to plan – and sometimes, you don't have a plan in the first place. These orks in mega-armour were mostly painted last night, in a frenzy of chromatic black, boltgun metal and green. 

+ A mob of four of these blighters is going to cause some impact on the table – though whether through their success or simply the fact they're big heavy metal models, I'm not sure. +

 + This ork, Longthorn, carries the Waaagh banner on his back. The head's from a GW Warhammer orc boss, while the rest of him, like the others in the mob, is the Ghazghkull kit. To add a touch of difference to this one, I've cut the twin-linked shoota and turned it on its side. A minor change, but effective. +
 + A head from the special character Snikrot was used here, along with a slight repose achieved with putty in the armpits. I really like the huge numbers of sensors and lenses on his mask – perhaps a number of looted autosenses from Imperial sources? It gives him a great high-tech look that helps give him a lot of personality. +

+ The third member of the mob has a more ambitious repose; lifting his claw up to crush the enemy. He required putty in the gap between torso and legs, and I also added some detailing on his chest, which is visible underneath his head (taken from the FW Kommando conversion kit) because I haven't used the large 'iron gob' piece on these. 

+ To keep the Goff feel, I restricted the decoration to very minor dags and chequers. I used a chromatic black mixed from various darks like Abaddon Black, Necron Abyss, Orkhide Shade, Charadon Granite and Warlock(?) Purple. This ensures the black isn't completely colourless, which helps to ensure that it doesn't look flat and dead. Of course, because these shots were taken rather hurriedly in midwinter, you can't really make much out anyway! +

+ Here's the last member of the mob, who I think is my favourite – that Brian Nelson look to the head and the great Goff helmet are probably why.
+ Can't quite decide if he should represent the Warboss, Skraga Blacktoof, or just a mega-armoured nob. Thoughts? +


  1. Your orks are great. They are grim dark, brutal and ugly as well as old skool madness. Perfect really. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Excelllent looking Orks, I love the Chromatic black, the eye lights on Snikrot, and the overall dark feel that you have given the miniatures.

  3. Hmm, make the leader figure a Nob, the boss should be even more intimidating. So a bit bigger, trophies, nastier close combat weapon.

    What I'm kinda missing is the individualized feel of the Nobs, which is understandable considering your basing them all on a single kit, but what about tweaking the close combat weapons here and there, add some spikes/trophies on the armour, try to replace some of the barrels for different ones (a gatling one would be really badass!).

    Food for thought. :)

    (btw, Malika here!)

  4. At first I was like "Wow... All Ghazghkull kits!?! That's an awful lot!!!" then I realiswed I have 3 sat around in bits boxes and thought "Okay... I guess it's reasonable....".

    I really love these, the conversion work gives them all some great individuality and the scheme, well I'm biased, the Goffs are my favourite clan after all :)


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