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+ Marginalia: Silver Stars +

'Ymga? I recall... vessels. Glass; and... other materials. It is as though a skein of silk lies over that memory; and because of that I know it was close to what I lost. Of the Rangda? Hm. It is hard not to know that name. Every one of the inquisitive asks me of it – them? And yet, I can account for that absence. If I were there, I... have forgotten. I know only that it is a mercy that I no longer know.'

'It was not intended that we should forget. I remember... afterwards... it took a great deal of craft. Bargains were struck beyond the Rim that it should be so.'  

'No, there are no seals. It is not as simple as that. There were, I am told, moments when I would have welcomed mental mutilation; and given my certainty, I perforce place my trust in my former self. It is a ragged conviction – but I must believe that I, or my father, so decreed the action. I resent your intrusion. Nothing remains beneath. This is no mere semblance or mummery. I have forgotten. And I will it to remain lost.'

'These are, it seems, times in which conviction bears more weight than truth. The latter – for me as for my father – has become a luxury I can ill-afford. Some things, after all, are best left forgotten.'
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+ Ten tiny Silver Stars. These were painted with a stripped-back version of my scheme for their larger-scale brethren.

_1 Spray with GW's Wraithbone undercoat.
_2 Paint the base with a deep brown.
_3 Paint the whole figure with Apothecary White – the contrast paints are absolutely stellar for these small scale figures.
_4 Once dry, pick out the backpack and boltgun with a mix of brown and black diluted with flow improver (this makes it behave a little like a wash, so you get a deeper tone in the recesses).
_5 Use Sotek Green to paint the chestplate and helm.
_6 Paint the pauldron stripes with Screamer Pink.
_6 Paint the backpack and boltgun details with silver.
_7 Pick out the shoulder trim and chestplate with Balthasar Gold – at this scale, the paint has enough coverage to work straight over the white undercoat, which is a great timesaver.
_8 Once dry, add the washes: Agrax Earthshade over the backpack, boltgun, and gold areas; and Drakenhof Nightshade for the turquoise areas.
_9 Allow to dry, then pick out any details to finish.

+ I added highlights to the helms by adding a little Vallejo Cold White to the Sotek Green, and also used Cold White to pick out the Legion* symbols and other markings on the pauldron. I also picked out some squad designation on the kneepads with simple stripes of Screamer Pink. +

+ Casualties proved a good way to test out the scheme on different armour marks. +

+ Echoes of Warzone Null +

'I cannot account for the absence. I... have forgotten.'

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