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[//Officers and Gentlemen+]

+ A 40k faction that has been in the background since Rogue Trader, and is utterly integral to the setting, but that has had fewer models than the zoats? The Navis Imperialis – or the Imperial Navy – have, to be frank, not really registered much with me in the past. Bar thinking 'those are some cool sketches in the Battlefleet: Gothic rulebook', I haven't ever given them much thought. +

+ Fairly understandable, as most 40k gaming I've played has been planetside. Today, however, there are lots of options for fighting over more obviously sci-fi-themed ship or urban boards that can fit in as boarding actions – not least the new Space Hulk stuff from Kill Team. Of course, there's also nothing stopping your Captain sending a raiding party down to a planet. +


+ 'It's a human's life in the Navy!' +

+ All of which is a roundabout way of saying that today we're bidding welcome to the Imperial Navy. As well as the awesome Kroot Kill Team [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], the boxed set Into the Dark provided us with the first box of plastic troops – the Imperial Navy Breachers – which I've been working on building. +

+ Annoyingly, I've misplaced the upgrade sprue that allows me to make the specialists, so while a replacement one surges through the warp, I've dug out a few figures that have accreted, like space barnacles, in various boxes. I thought I'd put together a crew for a Voidcraft. +

+ A couple of roughs – personal bodyguards, perhaps. One is from the Elysian Starstriders with a headswap, and the other is from Necromunda. The latter has also had a headswap; and in both cases this is more for personality and individuality than because I didn't like the originals. +

+ The left model required a touch more conversion, to remove a long ponytail from her bevor (the collar/neck protection), but is otherwise unconverted. The model is intended to represent a Necromunda Imperial Regiment bodyguard, I think – hence the cool RT-themed helm she's cradling. +

+ Next up is another Naval trooper from the old Elysian Starstriders set, again with a headswap. This figure was the recipient of the Necromunda figure's head – waste not, want not. She'll need a dash of greestuff to integrate the long braid to her head, and perhaps add a bit of bulk to her hair to help with the slight difference in scale. +

+ This Necromunda figure, part of a two-pack with the one above, is pretty much perfect for a Naval officer. Once more, a simple head swap provide a touch of individuality. The head is from the Naval Breachers set – and it's worth noting that the kit is a great source for heads. +

+ This figure will probably do multi-duty as an Admiral and ship officer. I very much like the officious appearance and am looking forward to painting him. +

+ At the other end of the scale from the stern officer is this fire-and-brimstone character; owing rather more to the Captain Kirk/Hornblower school of command. +

+ He's created from a Warhammer Quest figure with some bits from (you guessed it) the Naval Breacher box, including the naval bolt pistol. +


+ Besides hopefully being fun to paint, these will be multi-use models, able to serve as 'Naval NPCs' – perhaps to be used as scenario objectives, personalities in a 40k skirmish force, or perhaps for a model-led RPG game. Perhaps most obviously, they'll allow me to fill in some gaps in the War of the False Primarch – it'd be nice to give the Extinction Armada and Partisan fleet some more character. +

+ If you've painted up some Voidsmen or Naval officers and would like them featured on +Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten+, please let me know either in the comments or on Facebook/Instagram +


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