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+ Going Beyond +

+ Well, lots going on in the world of wargaming. Squats are back in 40k, a new  edition of the Horus Heresy-themed Age of Darkness game, and after a long delay, we've got the second edition of Beyond the Gates of Antares. +

+ The sad news is that Warlord Games have decided not to support it further – not entirely unexpected, but disappointing. The good news, however, is threefold: 
  • The models will continue to be produced, via a third party
  • The game will continue to be supported by Tim Bancroft and Rick Priestley
  • The rules are largely the same, but laid out a bit more clearly – and they're also completely free!
You can read more about Antares 2 on the new Nexus [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+], which is where you can download the rules and army lists, and also read about the universe and factions. +


+ Off to Bootcamp +

+ To celebrate the launch, Tim Bancroft has organised a bootcamp event, which I'll be heading over to with fellow PCRC member, TrojanNinja, who's picked up some Ghar (don't worry, there's a cream for that). +

+ This seemed a perfect chance to finally field my Isorians – Karba's Huntsmen [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] – and learn how to play the new rules. Having gone through the new armylist, it looks like I've got around an 80pt list from which to pick. I don't yet know what we'll need to bring to the event, but I'm fairly confident that'll be more than enough. +

+ There are a couple of tweaks – Tsan Ra (above) are now fielded as standard in fours, rather than threes, for example. There is an option to drop a model, but since I have a couple of spares, I'll likely paint up the additional members to field four-member squads. +

+ Support weapon teams are now accompanied by batter drones (these project a protective force-field), so I'll convert and paint up a couple of those, too. +

+ ...and while I'm planning, I also got my new transport sprayed and ready for paint. It'd be nice to take a vehicle along, so I can learn how tanks and fighting vehicles work – plus it's a cool model! +


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