+ inload: Aliens and all sorts +

+ Aliens and all sorts +

+ A bit of painting this week, as I get ready to attend the Antares 2 Bootcamp over in Wiltshire – exciting! +

+ The new version of the game brought a few minor changes, one of which is that units of Tsan (the spidery aliens above) are now fielded in fours, rather than threes. Being sold in threes was a consequence of manufacturing, apparently. No longer being subject to commercial pressures, details like this are being brought in through the different army lists. +

+ While the option is built-in to allow you to downsize the unit to three, I thought it'd be a nice excuse to get a couple more painted up. I used the same techniques and paints as previously for this rough-and-ready paintjob, except that I decided to introduce a different skintone for these two. I just thought it'd make a nice change. +

+ Lurking in the background of this picture is the other new addition, a (checks notes) Tograh MV2 transporter. +


+ inload: Sons of Simargi – Death Guard +

+ And while spraying up the Isorians, I also decided to spray some (very) patient Death Guard up: voila. +

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