+ inload: Sons of Horus Terminator Praetor and rescaling +

+ The scales fell from my eyes + 

+ Warhammer Community revealed a rather smashing new Terminator model for the Horus Heresy; back banner and all. In line with the rumours of a new boxed set and general reboot for the Age of Darkness, I was interested to see that the base looked rather small... +

+ Photoshop mock-up, using the base as a common reference. Note the similarity between the Imperial Fist and Sons of Horus, and the marked difference between both and the others. +

+ The Imperial Fist Terminator Praetor has been noted as being quite big – considerably larger than other Terminator models. I visited Warhammer World recently, and compared the Imperial Fist Praetor with the recently-released Ultramarine one – idly hoping the Ultramarine one would be a matching size. Alas, the Ultramarine Terminator Praetor seems to match most of the existing models. I'd therefore assumed that the Imperial Fist was a bit of a one-off – perhaps a simple artistic decision or even a scaling error. +

+ The release of the Sons of Horus figure, however, leads me to think that there's a rescaling going on. The Mark VI boxed set that's been floating around certainly seems to show the marines being closer in proportion to the new Chaos Marines than the older kits – perhaps the same is going to be true of the Terminators. +

+ Of course, perhaps this is an example of character models being slightly different – the Character series has long been a slightly different scale to the plastics and line troops, and the rumour images of the box seem to suggest that the included Terminators are the old kits. +

+ Time, presumably, will tell – but I'd love to see a rescaling for the Terminator kits, particularly if they're proportioned like this lovely new model. +



  1. Would be nice if GW would just say what is plans to do...alas...

  2. It would be nice if GW would make old marines match up with new Chaos or Primaris figures... but we may be stuck in the multi-scale realm for a while still.

  3. I'd just wait and see, as judging by photos like this is very difficult.

    The current situation is rather haphazard. The VII Legion Terminator is implausibly huge (to the extent of looking silly, to my eyes) but his power armoured counterpart is not that big. Not really any bigger than the Dark Angels power armoured Praetor, for example, who hasn't been noticeably upsized. However, the Dark Angels Terminator Praetor is pretty big, the Deathwing Companions and Interemptors are also (slightly) bigger than other Mark III and IV marines, and the Dark Angels Inner Circle Knights are enormous.

    So there is a bit of upsizing going on but it's inconsistent and haphazard.

    Personally I'm fine with the size of most of the slightly bigger models but I think it would look silly if the range ended up Primaris sized. That would make vehicles look ludicrously small.

    I do upsize my marines a bit, by inserting a shim into the lower leg and a spacer under the pauldron. I feel this stops them looking squat and gives them that hulking silhouette that they have in the art. More than that starts creating problems with the rest of the range I reckon, though this is less of a problem if you don't use many vehicles.


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