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+ War of the False Primarch event #2: Gauntlet Dramatis Personae +

It is the thirty-fourth Millennium. Or perhaps the thirty-third. Few now stand securely enough both to claim different; and to be heard.

All is unsure, all is uncertain. Under the benevolent eye of the High Lords of Terra, the Imperium basks in a golden age. The heretics of millennia past are extinguished or contained; the xenos empires that threatened mankind's manifest destiny broken or scattered. Humanity is united in the worship of the enthroned God-Emperor, whose words are revealed to the Ecclesiarch of the Imperial Church.

This is one truth.

Others say that the Emperor is dead, or as good-as; that His dream has grown rotten beneath the surface. Others claim oppression, or restriction, or loss. Tales of predation by aliens; of harrowings by pirates and heretics and monsters, emerge daily, and are suppressed by His Inquisition, for fear of disturbing the flock.

In the galactic north-west (if such an antiquated system has meaning in a galaxy as vast and wondrous as this) tales emerge of another truth. Tales come of the return of a legend, so ancient that the High Lords believe the word all-but forgotten.



+ Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten +



+ I ran a six-week challenge themed around Kill Teams recently. You can see the forty-four entries on the dedicated project blog, Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten, hereI've had a few people asking whether and when I'd be running another event, so I thought we'd spend the run up to the end of the year looking more closely at the heroes and villains – and those in-between – of the War of the False Primarch. +

+ This challenge/event/invitational is open to everyone, and involves creating a model (and optional background) for the Dramatis Personae that populate the region. This might be a Space Marine hero, a fantatical Priest, a worried-looking scribe or (as I hope someone will tackle) one of the High Lords themselves! +


+ Rules of the event +

  • +CONCEPT+ Build and paint a character themed around the The War of the False Primarch. This can be a single figure, but if you want to have some servants, flunkies, palanquins – or vanquished foes – feel free to include them

  • +SUBMIT+ Send the finished pictures and up to 1,500 words of lore to me via email.
    • Please contact me (via Instagram or through the Facebook groups linked below) for the email address.

  • +TIME LIMIT+ The challenge begins on the 12th November at 11:02am GMT, and ends on 13th December at 02:11pm GMT.

+ Creativity is king +

+ You can build and paint your Dramatis Personae as any figure from the Partisan or Pentarchy Chapter, or one of the many, many other forces present. There is a huge range of inspiration available from the blog – almost every article includes nods and mentions of figures that have not yet emerged from the shadows. +

+ Apart from anything else, it's a great chance to do a one-off model for a Chapter or faction that fascinates you! +

+ To give you some further ideas – and some starting off points for writing – here's a link to the existing Dramatis Personae articles on the blog. As you can see, they range from Inquisitors and Space Marine officers to itinerant preachers and Dreadnoughts. +

+ If you're still stuck for an idea, then I'd personally love to see some (or all) of the following:
  • Banner Bearers  One of the Partisan Marines entrusted with bearing the Chapter's Caputmori into battle. These mighty standards are treated much like the Eagles of Ancient Rome or Napoleonic France – doubtless their bearers are dedicated heroes of the Chapter.
  • High Lords of Terra  We've heard a lot about these dread figures, and while I've got a couple tucked up my sleeves thanks to contributors, I'd love to see some more move out of the shadows. You can see glimpses of many in this article, but here's the list of known High Lords, any of which would be fascinating to see in miniature form:
    • Umbwald Oreangelo, Chancellor of the Estate Imperium
    • Strakh – The Grand Provost Marshal
    • Vamma Andreia Pushkin – Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica
    • The Suzerain Belligerent
    • Braxon Leionidon Mercutial, the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes
    • Isaacsen – Paternoval Envoy of the Navigators
  • Officers of the Partisans and Pentarchy  The Index Astartes for each Chapter give an overview of the characters of the broader Chapter, but there's no substitute for a specific individual. Often the only examples we see are the Chapter Masters – but every Company includes at least one notable hero.
  • Members of the Imperial Guard and Navy  Long-time followers of this blog will know my liking for regular humans in 40k, and a few one-off examples of the soldiers fighting the bulk of the War would be lovely.
  • Casualties  Lots of people die during the War of the False Primarch – it'd be nice to see them before they pop their clogs – or perhaps during it, in a duel scene!

+ Inspiration +

Following are a few examples of the sorts of figures you might like to explore – but the more creative and unusual, the better!

[//Voivode Nero, 5th Company Captain+]

[//Inquisitor Lord Leong-Cassar. Following the Conclave of Jiam-Tertial, Inquisitor Leong-Cassar petitioned the High Lords for resources and decisive action against the false Primarch and Partisan forces. Following passionate debate it was there, on Terra, the partisan chapters were declared Traitoris Perdita./+]

[//Arch-Cardinal Verashyon and his shield-guards+]

[//Citizen-soldiers from the 7th Sheervaad Ashakari supporting Red Fish operations on [REDACTED]+]

+ GOTO: 10 +

+ Okay, it's over to you! I hope that you join in, that you find it fun and that the event results in you creating a cool new character to explore the War of the False Primarch with us. +

+ Good luck – whether you’re fighting to keep the High Lords in power or in the name of the Last True Son. +

+ Please do comment below or on the Facebook groups if you’ve any questions; (or just want to enthuse) and please do share as widely as you feel appropriate – everyone is welcome! +

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