+ [/.../]ceiving? Is this thing on[/..../]+

+ Ah, much better. Apologies for the vox-silence recently; as you'll all likely be experiencing, things in the real world have been a bit complicated recently! While my hobby time has been substantially curtailed, I'm happy to say that all is safe and well in the Rubricist's quarters. +

+ Many happy returns; and while the annus horribilis that was 2020 staggers onwards, zombie-like, into the new year, I live in hope that things'll get better. What's that 40k line? Hope is the first step on the road to... Huh, maybe I won't invoke that, then! +


+ Minimal time; maximum breadth +

+ With time and energy at a premium, I've got a little area set up so that I can work for a few minutes whenever the urge hits me. That proved a great way to keep my spirits up in the last lockdown, and so far it's buoying me up now, too. +

+ Thus, it's been a year of oddments so far:

+ Exhibit one: an extremely large miniature, and one that I definitely can't get away with pretending isn't a toy. So far Brother Caban here has turned up all over the house, having various adventures. I'm planning to paint him up as a Gatebreaker, but need to get him primed and prepped. +

+ Next up was polishing off a techpriest; one I picked up from Anvil Industry's kickstarter. Lovely little model, and a fun testing ground for Contrast paints. She's sat half-completed for a while, and a half-hour stint got her here. Nothing particularly of note except for the sigil on the paper – that of an extremely mysterious figure... +

+ Back on solid ground, a hefty techpriest and his servitor, along with a strangely archaic marine. Those of you who've followed my stuff for a while might rememeber the [REDACTED], which I'll be [REDACTED] this year so I hope that [REDACTED]. +

+ [/.../] Ah, c'mon, I can't post that and then not reveal [REDACTED], can I? Oh, it turns out that [REDACTED]. Who knew? +

+ Best of luck for the new year; and remember – Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten... +


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