+ inload: Gatebreakers painting – batch two +

+ Nihil impedit profectum +

+ Nothing hinders our advance, indeed – as you can see, things are continuing to tick along with painting the next seven Gatebreakers (eight, if you include our dreaddy friend). +

+ A few arms were left over from the last batch, but a pleasant evening's painting also brought the below to the varnishing stage. They're ready for oils tonight. +

+ A close-up of the bodies at a slightly earlier stage shows the yellow highlighted, but the green not yet complete:

+ ...and this is a detail of the Mark III torso plate. This was achieved by cutting away the Primaris' detailing and replacing it with neck and torso detailing from a Mark III plastic marine torso. Very simple indeed; just a case of trimming the torso and 'liberated' details at matching angles. I ended up using a spot of greenstuff, but with a little practise I'm confident you could match it purely with plastic. +

+ While on the subject of armour marks, I'm consciously trying to avoid 'pure' suits; instead getting a mongrel feel that I think better suits the Gatebreakers' scavenging style. +

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  1. Oh man, this is looking good...and that dreadnought...so cool! I just don't have the courage to attempt sub-assembly painting, but these postings make it look so simple...


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