+ inload: Simplex Surpalus +

+ Stellar Cartography +

+ Working away on the Gatebreakers got me thinking more about the region, so I whipped up a star-chart to explore the broader region a bit. It's a common instinct to fill in all the gaps, but leaving space and mystery is important, particular for a region like this. Out on the edge, far from Imperial control and mapping, Sector Surpalus – the name itself a bit of a pun on being 'beyond the pale' – is the domain and protectorate of the Gatebreakers. +

+ I've therefore restricted the map to a fairly 'top level' one of the principal systems – those that are either seemingly permanent stellar phenomena or Imperial-controlled systems that are still in some form of contact with the Imperium at large. +

+ However powerful a space marine Chapter, they can't expect to be in direct control of a sector – and that's intentional. Even the Ultramarines are exceptional in having dominion over a scanty few planets, precisely because the Adeptus Astartes are quite a scary prospect. +

+ With this in mind, the Gatebreakers are split into semi-autonomous Strikeforces that roam the regions of the Sector, occasionally returning to roost at their shattered homeworld, Andocrine. +

+ Monstrance, a relic claviger (honorific mace) +

+ The destruction of Andocrine is probably the subject for an inload of its own, but the Gatebreakers Chapter Fortress-Monastery was lost, along with a great deal of their history and relics. This didn't intrinsically alter the Chapter's method of warfare – they have always roamed semi-nomadically – but it, along with normal cultural drift, accounts for some of their oddities. +

+ Trying to get ahead of the release of Indomitus – the big boxed set for 9th edition – I've been building new figures. Those above will form expansions for the existing squads, and also allow me to add some variety and avoid duplication in the new Assault Intercessor squads. +

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