+ inload: Necron Cryptek +

+ Designation Samaritan finished +

+ Fifteen minutes last night finished off this Necron Cryptek – see yesterday's inload [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] for the broader info on painting. I won't repeat myself too much here, so this inload is mainly a loomscreed of pict-captures, and some musings on plans for the Indomitus set. +

+ As a test piece, I think this is a success – and very quick, too. I reckon it's reasonable that I'll be able to crack through five or six Necron Warriors in a session, which is about at the limit of the time I want to spend on them. Don't get me wrong, I think the new models are lovely, but I don't want them to become another distraction from my main projects. The poor dwarfs, Legio Nikator and Gatebreakers – not to mention my Blood Angels – don't need the competition! +

+ The staff was painted black, then painted with a mix of black and Russ Grey (the modern iteration of Space Wolf Grey, my go-to cold highlight). I then added white to the mix for highlights, not working quite up to pure white. The reason for this subtlety is that I was really concerned about drawing attention away from the Necron itself, and metallic schemes are by their nature quite neutral. Some warm gold details and a purple gem (again painted in a deeper, less eye-catching hue to the Necron's eye) finished it off. +

+ This figure turned out to be a nigh-perfect test piece, as it included all sorts of bits that should prove useful for the broader army. I've now got a stippled style for non-Necron constructs (like the Plasmacyte), a look to aim for with the Warriors and similar, and some flashy bits for characters. +

+ I'm undecided on whether to develop the basing a bit. Having it bare reinforces the dead world feel of the Necrons, but also looks a bit unfinished. I might try dead grasses and similar to add some texture – or perhaps switch gears and go for full-on swamp. Pools of goo, greenery and perhaps bits on the models themselves might be a cool image. +

+ The bits I'm most excited to paint are:
  • Necron Warriors  Basic troops are my jam, and I've long held a secret soft spot for the Necrons. I held off the older ones due to their posing, the green rods and their complete uniformity; three issues neatly resolved with the new generation. 
  • Overlord and Royal Warden  Likewise, the 'normal' Necron commanders have the same appeal of the troops, along with being an opportunity for a little more experimentation and variation.
  • Scarab Swarms  These promise to be quick, easy and rewarding, and a satisfying way to practise the stippling.
+ Let's see if I'm right, eh? In concert with the Cryptek here, that'll give me a force of around 25 Power; just right to have a small test game with my orks, or the Gatebreakers. +

+ With that core of the Necrons done, I'll turn to the Gatebreakers and get them Battleforged-ready, by building and painting a Lieutenant, Assault Interecessors and a second HQ – likely a Chaplain. +