+ inload: Further painting of Gatebreakers +


+ Spent a couple of evenings developing the highlighting on all fifteen Gatebreakers. I also laid in base colours on more arms, giving me sufficient to kit out the remaining painted figures. The force is now within striking distance of begin ready to field. +

+ Highlighting is fairly simple. Taking the marks and streaks I left from the oil stage to guide me, I picked out a few shapes with a lighter tone (white mixed with Flash Gitz yellow), creating the impression of scratches and gouges. The green pads are unhighlighted here , so you get an impression of what it looks like before. +

+ I decided to paint a few spare arms in order to give me more options for posing, so I have eleven pairs for the remaining eight(?) figures. After building my Blood Angels and Ultramarine with fairly restrained poses, I thought I'd have fun and use all the cool weird arms here. +

+ The oil wash has been completed and cleaned on the arms, and I've laid in the silver on the pauldrons. These need a day or so before they're ready to varnish, and then it's a simple case of highlighting them and sticking them on – can't wait! +

+ Also on the horizon are these Outrider bikes, which have sat shamefully unpainted. They seem like they'll be a good addition here. +

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