+ inload: Bleak Vespers and Word Bearers +

+ We could be heroes +

+ Death Guard +

+ Series 3 of the Space Marine Heroes collectibles were these Death Guard Plague Marines. PCRC packmate TrojanNinja was heading out to Japan, and kindly picked up a box for me. Apparently, Japan applies a 'no gambling' rule to things like collectibles, so boxes of random packs like these have to include every possibility – very useful for me, as it guarantees a box of six contains all six, with no duplicates. +

+ A very enjoyable day of hobbying (and a belated Burns' Supper) with the PCRC lads over at Chateau Stuntwedge gave me some valuable building time. Fantastic models to put together, and I've left them uncoverted save for the head swaps to better fit the theme of my Bleak Vespers Company. For those of you tempted to pick 'em up when they come over here, they're push-fit, come with cool sculpted bases, and – to my eye at least – there isn't much 'filler'; all the poses are cool. +

+ Beyond that, there's not a huge amount to say. They'll make a nice Kill Team as well as being a good – and oddly affordable – source of specialists. While the kits aren't cheap, to get a champion, icon bearer and Plague Marines with flail and plaguespewer from GW would be considerably more expensive. +

+ Word Bearers +

+ The same day out saw me build another couple of Word Bearers, using some Chaos Marine parts that I traded for. +

+ Very simple conversion; little more than kitbashing, really. I've trimmed the kneepad trims and ankle bobbles, removed the Imperial eagle on the chest and reduced the collar height. The remainder is kitbashing – heads and shoulder pads from the new Chaos marine kit fit without adjustment, as do arms from the Revier kit (these lack the forearm reinforcement on the Intercessor kit, if you're being very fussy about 'historical authenticity' – I just wanted them for the cool boltguns with the front handles). The backpacks from the Mark III power armour kit require a bit of additional trimming at the top of the back. +

+ Not quite sure about the horned helm and chaos backpack – perhaps a bit too on-the-nose for Heresy-era stuff – so I might swap a couple of bits on the melta gunner. +

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