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+ PCRC Kill Team: Badab +

+ Nmamde Kain takes point, while Brother Acast provides covering fire during a skirmish on Galen. +
+ Fuelled by a few synthales last year, the PCRC (our gaming group) fell to talking about those campaigns that we never got round to, and – championed by Bob Hunk – we ended up mooting a Badab War Kill Team campaign. Spool the chronoscape forwards a few months, and we've got stuck into it, with the Kill Teams complete or nearly ready, and our first game played. +

+ In addition to building Kill Team Clawthorn, my own Astral Claws Kill Team [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], I've been enjoying watching the progress of the rest of the gang – and they've very kindly agreed to let me share their work here:

+ Omricon's Salamanders: Phoenix Team +

A PCRC Badab campaign was always going to be an exciting prospect for me and it let me scratch several itches at once. My armies of preference are the footsloggers usually: orks and the Imperial guard, for example. On this occasion, however, the theme of the campaign meant I could start playing around with space marines, while the scale of Kill Team meant avoiding the pressure of committing to a full army. Secondly, it allowed me to experiment with the new contrast paint range.

Lovely conversion work here, and fantastic choice of bits really help to get
the ancient character of this storied First Founding Chapter across.
When it came to chapter choice, the noble Salamanders leapt out at me not just for their rich background, or the fact that they the nearest thing to the good guys of the 41st millennium, but also because of their ancient heritage. In particular, their attitudes towards their armour and weapons let me experiment with something that apologist also does, namely mixing and matching different armour marks on a single marine. 

In terms of armament, I nodded to the general theme of 'fire' and went so far as to include a Infernus heavy bolter which the PCRC have allowed me to use in our games. It’s been a lot of fun seeing the PCRC kill teams evolve and I am looking forward to seeing – and facing! – them on the battlefield.


+ Bob_Hunk's Lamenters: Kill-Team Lugeo +

Bob Hunk's signature LED-enhancements really give this team impact, but the underlying conversion and painting work is top-notch. More are underway, and the full team is promising to be really striking.

[+ScreedAuth=BOB HUNK+]

Kill Team Lugeo are an under strength tactical squad depleted by early actions in the Badab War, such as the raid on Hallows Point and the Helbron Incursion. Sergeant Lugeo and his squad gained bitter experience in void ship boarding actions and other close quarters ‘Zona Mortalis’ operations that characterised much of this Astartes conflict, reforging them as a close-knit team of veteran survivors.

Brother Heamis (left) is armed typically for Lamenters of that period with an Umbra pattern bolter - favoured for its comparatively low maintenance requirements for a bolt weapon - and an Astartes pattern combat blade.

I knew from the outset that I wanted my kill team to be both ‘true scale’ and to have a retro vibe. Not only is the Badab War set in 40K’s “past”, but the original campaign narrative was first conceived in the early 1990s. [...] 
Of course I had to add my customary LED helmet eye lenses. My tutorial is here if you’re interested and haven’t seen it already. As an experiment I applied a thin coat of Spiritstone red technical paint to the eye lenses. This doesn’t do anything to hinder the light when the LED is on, but makes the eye lenses look red when it is off. [...]


+ The text for Kill Team Lugeo is excerpted from chrisbuxeypaints, Bob Hunk's blog [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+] Go check out the rest of the article, where he goes into his plans in more depth – then stick around and drink in the rest of the lovely blog! +


+ apologist's Astral Claws: Kill-Team Clawthorn +

+ Regular readers will be sick to the back teeth of looking at these chaps, I'm sure, but I wanted to included them here for completeness. The Astral Claws proved fun to build and paint. In terms of the immediate future, I've got some markers underway for injured figures, and we've recently clubbed together to buy some new scenery – expect to see some more on that soon, and for it to turn up quite a bit for Badab. Depending on how enthusiasms fall, I may also return to add a few new members to Clawthorn, too. +

+ As mentioned above, we played our first game – a skirmish on Galen between Clawthorn and Phoenix – last night. I believe Bob Hunk is writing up an illustrated battle report, so I shan't spoil the ending. For the moment, here's a picture of the battlefield. +

A post-game discussion over a steaming cup of recaf got us talking about plans for the campaign. We agreed that a big part of the appeal of Kill Team is its limited size – no pressure to have giant armies – but it also allows for lots of narrative twists on the basic structure. That got our minds turning over on ideas – everything from Zona Mortalis missions and terrain, recreating scenes from famous war films, to one-off special scenarios like trying to take down a Dreadnought à la the computer game Space Marine. +

There were murmurings of Executioners making an appearance, and I hope to be able to share Stuntwedge's Sons of Medusa and Mantis Warriors soon. +


  1. Now that "trying to take down a dreadnought" sounds like a good game, and a good multiplayer, to boot!

  2. 'a Infernus heavy bolter which the PCRC have allowed me to use in our games.'
    Quality group detected.

    Please keep us updated.

  3. Brilliant. Badab is perhaps my favourite 40K setting, and it is always better with lots of MkVI corvus armour.


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