+ inload: Painted Terminator +

+ One long painting session later, and we've got a painted 'truescale' Blood Angels Terminator ready to make war in the name of the Great Angel and Emperor of Mankind. +

+ I started with one of the line troopers – if such a term is appropriate for a centuries-old veteran posthuman, clad like a walking tank. I used the same approach here as for the rest of my Blood Angels [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], with the simple substitution of Valljo's Flat Red for the mix of Merphiston Red and Vallejo Vermillion. +

+ I'm happy with the finished result, though may add a few honour markings. I'm slightly wary about losing the monumental feel, but he's currently looking a bit 'bog-standard'. +


+ How big is a Terminator? +

+ Since writing the tutorial [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] – which has quickly became, and remained, the most viewed post on the blog – I've had a few questions about how big the results are. The base figures are expensive (particularly since the bits shops are now seemingly permanently bare!), so I think it's quite understandable that readers want as much info as possible on what the results should be like before they commit. Here are some pictures of them besides some other figures to give a better idea of size. +

+ If you do give the tutorial a go – or better yet, come up with a new species for the Alien Wars – please do pop it up on the + Death of a Rubricist + Facebook group, or use the #alienwars tag on Instagram. +

+ The Terminator (40mm base) next to a Primaris marine (32mm base). +

+ Dealing with some pesky Orks. +

+ Next to a baseline human (25mm base) – well, if Inquisitor Unfortunus Veck counts as baseline! +

+ ...and next to another work-in-progress; a Battle Sister of the Order of Solar Ascendant. +

+ What next? +

+ What use is one Terminator? Well, quite a lot, actually – but as you can see, his mates here demand attention too. +


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Super impressive work! It's a wonderful shade of red and the battle damage on the armour came out really well.