+ Iron Warriors Apothecary +

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Respiration laboured. Palliative oxy-haemotics: thirty – no, thirty-five units. Commence auto-leeching to balance the humou- [SMALL ARMS FIRE]  Hmph. [SMALL ARMS FIRE INCREASES] [STATIC] To expedite withdrawal, Palatarch, I can give you three choices – you can detail two of your men to drag him back across the minefield; or I can extract and take back the gene-sperm. [ORDNANCE DETONATION] The third choice? Well, if we stay here much longer, I can take him and the rest of you back in a bucket.

+ A very enjoyable figure to work on; just familiar enough to be relaxing, and just enough extra detail for fun. The variety of lenses and panels here was ripe for experimenting, so I decided to paint the lamp using greys and freehand lines to suggest something like a deactivated car headlamp. +

+ The freehand apothecary symbol on the pauldron is just about visible here, along with the bloody handprint on his shin. +

+ Beyond the standard 'true-scaling', it was a simple conversion. I trimmed the hand from a Grey Knight Terminator apothecary arm (I think), replacing it with an auspex. The cool backpack details are from the Primaris apothecary; while the loincloth and helm are from the Mark IV plastic box. + 

+ I had a bit of fun experimenting with object source lighting from the auspex, too. Fairly subtle, but very easy to do on metallics, as you can simply glaze the colour on once the underlying metals are highlighted properly. +

+ The scheme is deliberately stripped-back. I decided against using an alternative white scheme for this apothecary. The impact of the whole force relies on the anonymity of the figures – no-one's allowed to stand out in Perturabo's army! +


  1. I love how this one turned out. Really, really cool!

    1. Cheers chum. Must pick your brains about heraldry after seeing those astonishing knights on Old School Workshop!


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