+ inload M35: Blood Angels and Squats build updates +

+ Slipstream into M35 +

+ After two campaign weekends, and much frenzied painting, I have polished off the Iron Warriors (for now, at least) my Steel Legion, and a small Genestealer Cult. Not bad going for the past few months! +

+ So, having played around in M31 and M41, I thought I'd take a detour back into the Alien Wars of M35, and return to the Blood Angels 3rd Company. +

+ A quick spray later – you can check out my painting method here [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] – and the latest figures are ready to paint. From left, you can see a Scout (a lead Rogue Trader figure), a finished Tactical Marine, a Terminator veteran, and the awesome third party Dreadnought. +

+ I've no doubt at all that the Dreadnought and Scout will be pretty divisive – the styles are very different to the modern visuals, but that's all part of the beauty of exploring a fresh era within the universe. Rather than arguing that 'X doesn't look like that', it's easy to say 'this looked like that at this time.' +

+ More importantly, it's a chance to play around with some figures I like! +

+ Also bubbling under are the Squats of the Iron Staff League (above), and a few other bits and bobs for the Blood Angels (below). +


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