+ inload: Alien Wars Blood Angels +

+ For those new to the Alien Wars, check out the tab above. To catch up on my retro-inspired Blood Angels specifically, start here [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] +

[10: LOAD "80s punk style Scouts"
[20: LOAD 'guitar riff #3']
[30: IF 'Awesome', Vol +1]
[40: GOTO 10]

+ Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Imperium? +

+ Yeah! Scouts comin' atcha from the early 90s. Asymmetric puffy sleeves, ponytail mohawks, heavily armoured codpieces, knees and shins, powerful shoulder pads and a general disregard for anything except being rad. +

+ These are such wonderfully over-the-top figures; dripping in the mix of punky, baroque finery and Napoleonic warfare that typifies 40k. These particular figures were brand new at the time of the original army (WD138–141), being previewed as the first pieces by a new sculptor. They differ from the previously-released scouts, which can be seen alongside them here [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], by being slightly more refined. While the same design cues have been used, these four figures have cleaner lines, some smoother plates, more cohesive detailing, and (to my eye, at least) overall better sculpting and posing. +

+ They are divisive; there's no denying that – they're often held up as exemplars of the weird old figures Citadel released – but that's part of why I like 'em. They're a far cry from the common design cues of sci-fi soldiers today, and clearly draw much from the Citadel sculptor's historical experience. Compare them with the Empire troops released shortly after – the slashed sleeves in both cases are presumably drawn from Renaissance-era Landsknechts; but I think they're more creatively employed here, in a sci-fi setting. +

+ In any case, they work perfectly for the crumbling, post-Romantic, Dark Age feel of the Nova Terra Interregnum period. + 


+ Digging out the Blood Angels has got me fired up, so I got stuck into the painting. Minor progress, but every little helps: +

+ Note the injured/dead figures. Things like casualty markers tread the line between part of the army and part of the scenery; and as such they're a great way to try new techniques or – as here – a great way to remind yourself how you painted something that you haven't picked up in a while. It doesn't matter so much if they're slightly inconsistent. +

+ In-game, I'm vaguely planning them to act as markers for morale; a visual reminder to do tests etc. +


+ Getting involved +

+ Remember, the Alien Wars setting is not invitational – it's open to anyone who fancies giving it a go. In addition to using it as a way to get stuff like my orks and Blood Angels painted, it's also been a great chance for me – and a lot of others – to paint some fun one-off aliens and oddments.


+ While the setting involves the whole Galaxy – and thus anything's fair game – the fight between the Space Marines and the various Xenos (particularly Orks and Eldar) is at the core of the idea. +

+ I recently spotted this rather lovely Chapter scheme; a short-lived Excoriator scheme that was retconned (they're now cream). That might put you off, but since the events of the Nova Terra Interregnum are shrouded in mystery, it's a great opportunity to paint up some of these 'lost' schemes. +

+ Perhaps you've never painted an Eldar, or ork? Why not give it a go? Similarly, why not have a go at painting a one-off Space Marine? +

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