+ inload: Legio Praesagius; the True Messengers +

+ inload: True Messengers +

+ The Legio Praesagius, or the True Messengers, are how I've decided to paint my Titans for the upcoming release of Adeptus Titanicus (2018). It's a blue and white scheme, so I started out with a coat of grey primer before spraying them black. I then worked over the whole model with the same approach to metal as I use for my Iron Warriors of the Footsore 242nd [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], before starting the white in the same way as I painted my lone White Scar marine [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. As you can see above, I haven't got particularly far, but every journey starts with a single step. +

+ Giant robot fighting is a classic sci-fi trope, and I'm really looking forward to getting them on the table to duel with the rest of the PCRC:

  • Omricon is building the Fire Masters of Legio Suturvora (Infernus)
  • Lucifer216 is bringing his Legio Kerberos to the table
  • Bob Hunk will be commanding the Tiger Eyes of Legio Fureans
  • Lord Blood the Hungry and Stuntwedge have also expressed an interest.
+ I was toying with developing my own Titan Legion – the Sons of the Temple (Legio Nikator) or the Kings in Yellow (Legio Validus), but the opportunity to re-play the events of Calth was too great a temptation. However, since Adeptus Titanicus is going to require a big buy-in, I'm going to keep a couple of my existing Titans in another scheme; meaning that I'll be able to supply all the models for a small test game for the rest of the gang, to see whether they want to buy in. +


+ Gaming with Titans +

+ The first and most obvious way that these Titans will see action is in Adeptus Titanicus. I've got a couple of months to get them painted while enthusiasm is high! +

+ Long-time inloaders will know that Epic: Armageddon is my favourite game, and although the use of Titans isn't particularly involved in that game (their use is even simpler than Epic: 40,000), I'd still love to get some more Epic in and use my Titans there. That's part of the reason to build the True Messengers – background-wise, they complement my Ultramarines, who definitely deserve a bit more time in the sun. +
My Epic-scale Ultramarines, who it turns out haven't been photographed with their bases finished!
+ The nature of Titan Legions means that it's perfectly likely that individual Titans might survive from the Horus Heresy through to the 'modern day' of M41, which means they can also pop up in the Alien Wars – perfect! +


  1. Wow, great!
    Where did you get these titans? (They don't look like the 40K scaled ones) Did you manage to bag a review set from GW or something?

  2. I've gone for the same Legio with my 3mm Vangaurd Stalkers (proxy titans). Looking forward to seeing what you do with these as there is limited source material for them!

    1. Cool; I like the Vanguard stuff. Do you have a link I can see yours at, out of interest?

    2. Sorry - I didn't see the reply! https://themadtinhatter.blogspot.com/search/label/Stalkers

  3. The less games you play in the heresy , the more likely your titan is to survive to the 35th/41st millennium :D
    Looking forward to seeing this project develop.

    1. Too true – you've clearly seen my gaming 'skills' in action!


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