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+ inload: March of the God-Engines +

The sullen flames whipped in the draught, flicking back the shadows in the corners of the temple. Silhouetted against the low red sun, the faithful staggered up the steps, sweating to draw the protesting aurochs toward the altar. Eyes rolling, sweat pouring from its flanks, it struggled. White froth flicked from the beasts' mouth, and the assembled Techpriests nodded. A good omen. 

The great brass doors sealed once more, the canticles intoned, the aurochs was forced to kneel on the heavy mesh. Beneath it, the somnolent ironform of a War Engine; as yet unnamed, as yet an empty vessel. In blood and fire it would be born; in blood and fire it would serve.


+ As you can probably guess, I'm very excited about the imminent launch of Adeptus Titanicus, which news of which has been disseminating through the noosphere since Warhammerfest lest weekend. I've had an Epic-scale Warlord lurking, waiting to be built for quite a while. Last night I took the plunge and got it built, and I am very glad I have! It's an immense figure (well, in terms of the Epic: Armageddon game, at least), and if my guess on the vase size of the official models is correct, it's similar in size and bulk. +

+ TO be clear; third-party figures are obviously a contentious point. Suffice to say, I hope, that owning this figure isn't putting me off getting some new ones from GW! I'm firmly intending to vote with my wallet and support GW's relaunch, as I really like what the company's doing these days. This big metal beast will serve as a relic of a darker age, when the Epic scale had no official support, and relied on garage companies of enthusiasts, whose love for the games and universes kept things going. +

+ What Legion? +

+ Regarding colour schemes, I'm torn. I like the concept of 'doing Calth', and painting him up in the Legio Praesagius scheme to accompany my Ultramarines. On the other hand, I've been doing lots of 'official' schemes recently, and do fancy developing my own home-brewed Legion. I'd appreciate any thoughts. +

+ If Adeptus Titanicus takes off in the PCRC – and I really hope it does – I hope to use my maniple in multiple time periods from the Great Crusade to modern 40k. The Nova Terra Interregnum (i.e. the Alien Wars setting) is also a prime fit for Titan-on-Titan combat, so they'll definitely be making an appearance there... +

+ Twin volcano cannons and bristling laser blasters from the front... +

+ ...And a cool little railing, protected by autocannons, from the rear. Very tempted to dig out some old Epic figures to stand there. +

 + All hail the God of Machines! If you do have any thoughts on colour schemes, or just want to froth about Titans, let me know below. +


  1. Froth! That is an amazing looking figure. Over on Dakkadakka I saw a picture of the new Warlord compared to the old one... the old one is more like a warhound in size compared to the new one!

    As for colors, I like bright color schemes and banners over drab/camo. After all, what is a titan going to hide from?

  2. Second the bright colours. Lucius pattern engines can get away with more drab, modern military schemes but a mars pattern is 30 metres of gothic lunacy.
    I'm partial to firewasps(red with black/yellow chevrons) or astorum(blue with yellow flames)
    There;s something about painted flames on a vehicle that brings you back to 2nd ed's more heraldic period- everything had banners and iconography- from your missile launcher to ork war buggies.

    The brighter approach on armour plating/weapon shrouds can give you a nice contrast with more mechanical, darker areas- which can take realistic modern weathering, heatbloom, etc.

  3. Always been a big fan of Legio Fureans, nothing says "I'm Not Hiding" more than a 30m tall bright yellow warmachine with flames painted on it!

  4. Gorgeous, but, how is it possible to put my hands on one? :D


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