+ inload: New camera, old – and new – models +

+ inload: Witness the marvels of the Mechanicum +

+ I've upgraded my phone, which means future pic-captures should be slightly improved. +

+ Not being the most technically-minded person in the world, I'm sure I'm not quite getting the best out of it, but even these quick snaps are an improvement over my old phone in terms of sharpness and white balance. +

+ Anyway, enough technobabble. What better showcase than my own minion of the Machine God, Magos Manderghast? He's particularly precious because I (rather stupidly) left him on a table at Warhammer World after a visit. +

+ Fortunately, some kind soul handed him in, which rather affirmed my faith in humanity; and the staff at GWHQ very kindly sent him home free of charge. Thanks chaps! +

+ He's a very fragile miniature, so I was anticipating a fairly major repair job, but the damage was fortunately minor. Aside from the resin snapping on his servo arm, and his arm becoming detached, he was intact. A little glue fixed things right up. +

+ As you can see, the new camera's optical zoom means I'm getting better depth of field, so more of the figure is in focus, and I'm getting less issues with amount of light. The plus side of this is that you can see details like the text on his auspex-scanner thingies. The downside is that all the painting blemished will be visible! +

+ It's quite nice coming back to an old figure. I've always been pleased with Manderghast, who has a relatively simple but effective scheme; but had quite forgotten the heavy weathering on that chequered parchment, and the red overload area on the dial on his backpack. +

+ A dwarfen throng +

+  Dwarfs! Shadespire has my Warhammer autoglands secreting once more, so I built these over the weekend. +

+ Legio Nikator +

+ Slow but inexorable progress on the Titans of Legio Nikator. +


  1. Great to see you expanding on all fronts. I thought only firetype dwarfs got Shadespire rules?

    1. Yeah, I just mean that I got enthused about the Warhammer universe again, and decided to build some bits and bobs. Not for Shadespire, though I'm crossing my fingers we'll see non-slayer, non-steampunk dwarfs get a bit of support at some point.


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