+ inload: Painting Word Bearers +

+ The Chapter of the Blasted Cedar +

+ The Masters of the XVIIth Chapter sent their most fanatical Legionaries to Calth, there to fight – and in all likelihood, die – in service to Lorgar and the fell gods of Chaos. Prior to the assault, many of those chosen believed themselves honoured; seeing in their selection the favour of their beloved Primarch and the Warmaster. By the early days of the Underworld War, many had come to see themselves less as honoured sons, and more as a sacrifice upon the altar of war; abandoned to ignominious ends deep below the earth of Calth. +

+ Were Lorgar's orders a purge of his least reliable followers? Was their sacrifice an essential part of the esoteric ritual for the Ruinstorm? The mercurial Primarch's thoughts will never be known in full. Many of those deployed to Calth maintained hope that Lorgar and the Legion would return to rescue and reclaim his sons; others bitterly decried what they saw as another treachery to add to the Primarch's crimes. +

+ What can be said for certain is that the Chapter of the Blasted Cedar was deployed in its totality to Calth. As with many of the XVIIth Legion sent on this mission, they wore their true nature beneath masks; adopting the sigils of their brother Chapters to exaggerate their numbers. +


+ Painting Word Bearers part I +

+ Word Bearers have relatively non-standard livery. The broad strokes – red, black and gunmetal – are fairly solid, but much else is fluid, varying from Chapter to Chapter and cult to cult. Black helms, gold trim, and non-standard elements like hoods or gags or chains are common. For this reason, this paint scheme is necessarily fairly loose – I encourage you to vary it! +

_i: Prime the model with Halford's matt grey primer. I use grey primer to get a dirtier look to the finished model. Use white if you prefer a cleaner or brighter look. 

_ii: Use Vallejo Scarlet to paint the red parts of the armour.

_iii: Paint metal areas (shoulder trim, the boltgun, chains etc.) with Abaddon Black. Add a hint of Calthan Brown to the black to soften it and use this to undercoat areas like scrollwork, leather straps etc.

_iv: Once thoroughly dry, wash the armour with Agrax Earthshade. Rinse and dry your brush, and touch it to any areas where the wash is pooling. The bristles will lift some of the excess paint and prevent unpleasant marks. Leave it to dry.



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