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+ Phalangite Metricos +

I have raised this Imperium not for a man, but for all mankind. In his vainglory, the Emperor must be felled; no different from any other tyrant we have toppled from a thousand perches on a thousand worlds. This is a solemn duty, and is to be approached as is any parricide; with detachment and cold duty. So will we demonstrate the power of the Imperium; greater than any man.

There is another task to be accomplished before that fell day. The capture of my brother. That duty is more to my liking; and more to be relished.
+ attr. Perturabo +

+ Speak not of us, but glance, and move on. +
+ Creed of the Officia Monstrosa +


+ As angels to the masses of humanity, so are the Primarchs to the Astartes. How could a Space Marine hope to subdue a Primarch? +

+ We are Legion. +

+ Serenity in conflict. +

+ We shall be the coins on the eyes of gods. +


  1. Looks brutal and menacing. Especially the helmet; where's it from?

  2. Agreed really like the blank faced helm!

  3. I really like this!! Sheer brutality in battle plate


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