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Thursday, January 21, 2016

+ inload: Legionary Olvidar Nonnatus +

+ Legionary Olvidar Nonnatus +

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+ 'The turquoise of the ocean; the rose of morning'. Such was Iterator Veil's description of the Eleventh Legion's heraldic colours, when it came to the time to demarcate and honour the warriors as a true Legion in their own right. +

+ In truth, none of the artificial oceans on Terra had turquoise shallows any longer; and the only hints of rose that crept into the bleached white sky above Taiohe'a Outpost were the chem-drenched clouds at dawn and dusk, swiftly burnt away by the merciless sun. +

+ inscriptor: Ali Yaqtest, extract from The Open Mind of Mankind; an Ongoing History of the Emperor's Victories vol I +
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Marquetry of the [REDACTED], Pre-compliant Terra [inload datum scrubbed – spec. three years prev. Fall of Luna?]

+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] +
+ OperamMilitary Adepts; New Imperial Order +
+ Epigram: [Summo Secretam – Eyes Only] Seventeen Legions project; pre-prep. +
+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] + examples of the the Urshite, Pansylvanian and Neo-Germaine militaries – if such a blanket term can be applied to those roaming and shiftless masses – are warriors who share cultural ties or common ideals. Whether we like it or nor, such concepts serve to bond the men and women into a fighting force – but in this they become brittle; and this is yet another subtlety that we must avoid. Weaknesses can be found in such a homogenous group; they may stand together, but they also break toget+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] +s the Perandor (Editrix: spec. trans. 'Emperor'? I'm not sure he'd like that, whatever the marshals say. Use his formal title 'warmaster', at least until we have confirmation of the Med. tribes surrender) has stated already, his Thunder Warriors will not suffice for his vision of world domination: and so we are tasked with the creation of seventeen groups; his 'Legio+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling]et to be formed will be made up of previously unaffiliated individuals; drawn from [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling]ith relish – and no little pride – I can foresee these Seventeen Legions conquering not just the Dominions of Ursh, but perhaps the planet itself. (Editrix: Scribe, strike all following paragraphs before sending; I don't want to find myself explaining Demmet's grandiloquent hubris to the warmaster once moreIndeed, at the risk of sounding overly sanguine, I dare dream we will one day find a way to send these Legionaries into the heavens, as I am told humanity did in those lost days. We might just dream that our glorious warmaster will one day extend his hand over the whole Solar System; thereby bringing every human in existence under his protection. What lofty is +SCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPTSCRIPT+
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[datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [fatal error] was not, of course, the case with the Astartes, who were as different – as 'Other' – from base mankind as was the Emperor himself. Even the Thunder Warriors, monstrous figures who seemed quite inhuman to the Emperor's foes – and, indeed, to those like us, who bore witness to their conflict – had been created from human warriors. They had human minds inside their gene-bulked bodies, albeit altered and twisted. In contrast, the Astartes were elevated; their genetic code altered and partially subsumed beneath the pattern dictated by the Legion's unique genesperm. + 

+ The Astartes' stature and physical alterations were the least of the differences from their previous selves; their mental and spiritual alterations – or as the Emperor's jealous enemies came to say 'mutilation' – creating something quite different. As a result, while Astartes might have memories of their families or places of birth; the changes wrought upon them, in concert with their training and indoctrination, rendered these memories ghostly and vague. +

+ inscriptor: Hammurabi, Ovidem et al., extract from The Three Legions, late M31 reprint 44. +
+ dat+ [datalog terminus] [proceed] [spooling] +

+ Armour rad-bleached Pacific Basin Theatre; chromatically unreliable +

+ [spooling] [spooling] [spooling] + + How then, one might ask, could such a force be created? Who would shape the tabulae rasa of these new Legions? In the instance of the First Legion (and to an extent, the Second and Third), the answer was the Emperor himself. It was from his example that his 'perfect soldiers' learned to fight. With none of the considerations of their opponents – no emotional investment, no fear, no homes or cultures – they presented a terrifying blank slate to humanity. It is not for nothing they were labelled with terms from mythology – djinni, spirits, angels – by their enemies. +

+ Prior to their Investiture in full operational warfare, the later Legions were deployed alongside other Imperial Forces, both as integrated warriors within Astartes squads, and as observers. Their command cadres were initially made up of experienced alien warriors from Legions I, II and III, who led small forces of the nascent Legions until native command could be taken. In this way, the hard-won lessons of Unity – as recorded in The Three Legions by Ovidem and Hammurabi the Wordsmith – were impressed upon the raw clay of the Legion. Some of the Fourteen Legions took to these lessons more readily than others. Neverthel[spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] +. 
+ [datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [fatal error] + +

+ The Mark of the Legionary; Imperator Vincere +
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+ Redirect channel +

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'Thunderheads' designate: Stormbreaker specialist
+ [datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [fatal error] +

+ Manhide boltgun strap – post Pan-Pacific campaign, judging by stylised bolt on belt. +

+ [datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [fatal error] +
+ [datalog] [spooling] I have seen these new warriors. They are more pleasing to the eye than the Thunder Warriors; almost comely in their closeness to the human form. I have no doubt this will be a final solution. You might face the Thunder Warriors and see them as ogrish; but with this new army there can be no doubt the Emperor leads the best of humanity. Humanity Plus! + 

+ I confess to finding it simultaneously thrilling and terrifying – sublime in its horrific perfection – that the work of the psienticians and alchaemical staff has been so scrupulously successful. The tube-subjects resist every test; physical, mental and chemical; though being that it was performed under the eye of the warmaster Himself, it is perhaps not surpr
[datalog] [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] + 
+ inscriptor: Trosty, The Astartes Project +
+ Datumunclear; spec. ca~ Himalaysian Counter-insurgency Campaign [transcript unclear] [spooling] + 
+ [datalog] [spooling] [SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT] [fatal error] +

+ [spooling]+osing, I state simply that their loyalty was, and remains, absolute; not to kin, not to place, not even to humanity – but to the great Emperor of Terra and the Luna Colonies. Praise Him, then, that in the Emperor, we have a ruler who is truly worthy of such unquestioning loyalty. Benevolent tyranny, once apparently reviled, and now extended throughout the whole Empire – has proven itself the best form of government. + 
+ inscriptor: Veil, Iterations vol. IV +
+ Datum: unclear; spec. prior Martian Compliance +

+ Standard plate plans example. Apparently we are to call them Astartes now – sounds pompous to me. I preferred the old name. Anyway Anatoli, I digress. Is the request correct? Fourteen thousand void-sealed suits? Let me simply say I am glad we have a whole planet as our workshop. Goodness knows what they want that many for. Do what you can for additional staff, please – or come down and help me and the girls with another set of hands for painting the heraldry !
Yours, Gagarin

+ [spooling]e write, I am pleased to report the XIIIth have reported that the last of the Moon Men's forces have been brought to terms. They will accept the Imperial Truth in time; such is the manifest destiny of Mankind and the Emperor of Earth. With Luna now ours, we can extend the bounds of the empire beyond the bounds of the earth itself. A humbling – and inspiring – thought. +

+ Postscript: Between you and me, Gagarin, in submitting my initial report to the Unity Council, I joked that we had exceeded our brief by reuniting all humanity with four fewer legions than planned. There was a paus+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] + since been told that the Unity Council means to continue expansion. It sounds lunatic to me – who needs more than the whole earth? – but apparently it has been part of the+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling]+
inal four Legions have been brought to full strength in secret and will march on Mars itself. Once the IInd, I+ [spooling] [transcript unclear] [spooling] +
vered from the Lunar campaign, all seventeen are poised to descend on the Red Planet. +

+ It fills me with fear – more so for success than failure. Death against the Martians would prove an honourable end of sorts, but victory? That brings with it troubling questions. Where next? Where does it end? +
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  1. Dude! Where did you get that shoulder pad from? It's the exact same as my army!!!

  2. Sorry, typo. Meant to say; that's the exact same one I need for my army.

    1. Hi Calth,
      The shoulder pad is from the limited Centurion (the ugly fella with the power fist and scarred face) FW did a few months back.


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