+ inload: Minor progress on the Calth front +

+ The painting war continues apace. I used the pencil for the metal areas on the Rhino. Quite tempted to use it on the boarding shields, too; though I'm a bit concerned about over-using it... Thanks for all the feedback, by the way – it'd be lovely to hear (and see) how you're using it :) +

+ I can't quite decide how to paint the boarding shields. On the one hand, a utilitarian approach seems fitting – they're largely disposable, and I don't think the 30k Ultramarines would have developed the slightly fetishistic approach to honouring the battle gear of the dead that's prevalent in 40k. If I go this route, I thought either dark blue (as for the gun casings and other hard equipment) or dark grey. +

+ Alternatively, I could paint the shields with a group emblem (like the Roman Legions), or individual totems (like a hoplite phalanx). I'm currently leaning towards adding thunderbolts like Roman Legionaries, as it's an image that turned up a lot in early 40k. What are your t
houghts? +


  1. I love all your realscale marines, your Ultramarine project is awesome!

  2. Maybe try keeping the shields light, and drawing a design on them with the HB pencil -?


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