+ inload: the Iyanden Craftworld +

+ inload: Iyanden +

None save the foolish trust the eldar. 
Few amongst the foolish trust them twice.

+ Hobbywise thing have been a bit fallow recently, as my attention has (happily!) been elsewhere. I thought I'd post a bit of a retrospective of my Iyanden craftworld Eldar army, as I don't believe I've put much of them up. + 

+ The ghost warriors of Iyanden have become a bit trendy over the past couple of years, as they took centre stage of the most recent Eldar Codex and had a sub-Codex of their own. They've got a lovely bright colour scheme, and coming from my drab grey-brown Craftworld Ctho (see below), they were a refreshing contrast. +

+ Here's a selection of Iyanden stuff. If you'd like a closer look at anything, please let me know in the comments and I'll get some shots. +

+ Tiny Epic Iyanden! +

+ Witch-Council. Pleased with these – they contain a couple of third-party sculpts, but also go to show how Jes Goodwin's  classic Rogue Trader-era sculpts (front right, for example) fit right alongside his more modern ones. +

+ A WIP shot, by the look of things, of a Dire Avenger shrine. I must get round to taking some proper pictures of the army now it's finished. + 

+ Fire Prism. An ebay rescue job; hence the painted clear bits and general speedpaint! +

+ One of my converted Guardians +

+ My Autarch has an inload all of his own, I believe, in the early days of this blog. +

+ I'll leave you with an unpainted Eldar. Not really sure what he is – he was built with no particular army in mind – but he looks a bit Prince/Corsair, doesn't he? Not sure whether to paint him up to join this army, or just as a bit of painting fun. +


  1. Nice paint work, but that corsair is amazing. How did you do his head and hair?

  2. Cheers :)
    The corsair was a bit of fun using some of the new Warhammer clam packs. The robed legs are from a Chaos sorceror, and the head (and hair) are from a Dark Elf character. Just did a bit of digging around, and it's a 'Black Ark Fleetmaster', though for some odd reason I couldn't find him on the GW site.
    The remainder of the model is made up of spare bits from the Dire Avengers box, I think. I was pleased with him – he's got that semi-samurai/elven bad-ass look that works so well for Eldar.


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