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Killsnik Engage
Idiotic Navy. If they had landed the Drop Bastion where they were meant to, the orks would never have dared send patrols forward. Still, at least he'd see some action at last. Sergeant Cypheus glanced around warily, before waving his men deeper into the steaming jungle. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching him. 

Three-way game played over a 4 x 4ft table, covered in jungle – set up of terrain is determined by the third player. 

A dilapidated bastion (AV12) with an Icarus lascannon is set up in the centre.
The ork army is limited to 600pts, and must include at least one unit with the infiltrate or scout rule.

The Imperial army is limited to 500pts, and must include at least one unit with the infiltrate or scout rule.

Force org is modified to one compulsory Troops; five optional Troops; three optional Elites and one optional Fast Attack. No Heavy Support or HQ.
No coherency rules apply to models, and they are treated as individuals in all respects – though if models are within 2in at any stage, they form a unit exactly as though they were independent characters (this is relevant for multiple shot weapons, ork mob rule etc.).

The ork and Imperial players roll off, the winner choosing a table quarter.

The ork and Imperial players then set up a quad gun completely within 12in of the bastion in a neutral table quarter of their choice.

The third player sets up a squad of terrified Guardsmen (10 men, one sergeant, one flamer) within 3in of the bastion. They may not move more than 12in from the bastion, and must pass an LD test not to shoot at any eligible target that they can see at the start of the shooting phase. If they pass, the third player may choose whether to shoot or not. 

At the beginning of turn 3, the third player receives a Valkyrie with Missile pods and Lascannon.

The winner is the player with a model in the Bastion at the end of turn 5.

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