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+ Like many planets in the Imperium, Aldebaran is hidebound and dogmatic. Being so close to the border of orkspace and within the highly militarised planetary system of Port Cassian, the inhabitants of Aldebaran are afforded no illusions about the terror beyond the stars. Aliens are very real, danger is ever-present. This breeds a certain defiant stoicism and piety into the planet's sons and daughters. A typical Aldebaranian will have an adventurous and dutiful nature, and the society celebrates those who have an ordered and private demeanour, putting aside self-glorification as slightly distasteful, if not shameful.

+ With that borne in mind, Aldebaran is not an unpleasant planet. It is no fortress world like Cadia or Braun VI, and the citizens are mostly free to make their livelihood as they see fit. Many are relatively prosperous, and this helps to maintain a pseudo-feudal system of indentured – but optional – serfdom under a slightly mobile middle class; themselves beneath an aristocratic caste which is – with notable exceptions – admirable in their restraint and sense of duty.

+ Aldebaranian officers are expected to uphold the traditions of the Imperium, their planet, and their home city. Most officers are drawn from the dynastic families – generally the third-born children of the well-to-do aristocratic class – but many are drawn from the mobile middle class, and these bring a certain opportunistic and devil-may-care approach to the office. Those who are conspicuous in their gallantry can reasonably expect their families at home to benefit; and perhaps to find their nearest kin welcomed into the aristocratic circles.

+ Captain Carbas Parcer wears Aldebaranian standard officer kit. The extended helmet offers greater protection to the neck and conceals enhanced communication gear. This is set off by the honorific death mask which is worn by tradition as a reminder of the Emperor's deathless struggle – serving both to remind the officer of his spiritual duty, and to instil in his charges an association between the Emperor and the officer him- or herself. In wearing the mask, Parker is, in essence, reminding his soldiers that his authority is drawn directly from the Emperor.

+ Over his fatigues, he wears a long frockcoat, buckled by brass (rather than alumsynth) buttons, is overlaid with standard issue webbing that holds spare ammunition, a day's iron rations, and secures the chem-mix rebreather.

 + In his thick, weather-cheating gloves, Parcer wields a Mars-pattern power sword, likely sublicensed and manufactured upon the Forge World Bellatrix, which lies nearby. Parker's records note that it is named 'Drawgore'; perhaps a personal flourish, or a family heirloom.

+ It is an Aldebaranian tradition that soldiers that die off-world are buried where they fell; or as near as possible. In this way, Aldebaranians believe the soil is sanctified and purified.
+ This final image shows the lambent purple glow that marks the weapon as of Martian designnear the power sword's generator. The officer's holstered laspistol, with debossed leather flash, and his standard water flask are also visible here.

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