+ The Grovsenor Front Purges Fleet was a joint Imperial and Merchant Navy operation that formed the third drive into orkspace during the Scallop Star Purges of M37. The Fleet was initially tasked with the prosecution of the war on the coreward front, and was commanded by Admiral Thrane, an experienced career officer who had commanded the Ambitine Fleet successfully for decades. He was regarded as a safe pair of hands for command, and was a close personal friend of Lord Commander Ultima Abattol, who held overall command of the Naval forces at the onset of the Scallop Star Purges. +

+ Famous ships of the fleet +

  • The battleships Foeslayer and Sebastian Thor were part of this fleet; serving with distinction. This was their last large fleet movement before they were permanently – and honourably – stationed in the Grovsenor system, where they remain to M41.
  • The Emperor class battleship Rosetta, newly-constructed through funds by the Governor Drblon of Grovsenor VI, was Thrane's flagship for the first part of the war.
  • The famed Sword class squadron Ishmael's Fury became famous for its daring during this conflict.

+ Regiments of the Grovsenor Front +
+ The greater proportion of the fleet was tasked with escorting the heavy regimental transports of the Imperial Guard; their role – like the other Purges fleets – was largely to ensure the Guard made planetfall safely in the Scallop Stars; and then to hold the area until a further drive into orkspace could be made. 
+ The war had huge popular support across the Anton Antecedent subsector, and many worlds provided regiments. At the outset of the war, the following regiments were embarked with the fleet. 
  • Adobe 1st PDF Pioneers – Initiator Batt
  • Anchorpoint 88th Airborne – Marshal Hindmost Travys
  • Anchorpoint 1100th Heavy Infantry – Brigadier Scodt
  • Anchorpoint 1703rd Heavy Infantry – Brigadier 'Guts-deep' Godon
  • Anchorpoint 2889th Light Infantry – Brigadier Bastian
  • Anchorpoint X–9 Reserves – Colonel Krafté
  • Blenheim 1st Expeditionaries – Grand Marshal Blight
  • Blenheim 2nd Expeditionaries – Field Marshal Trentpuddle
  • Blenheim 'Blithes' 3rd Expeditionaries – Field Marshal Gibbs-Foster
  • Brasidine 40th Armoured – Heeresfuhr Litvoll
  • Brasidine 60th Artillery 'Shriners' – Zhong Ho Chi
  • Decens Delphics – [Command Origination unknown]
  • El Migan 72nd Grenadiers – General Selladin
  • El Migan 8th Armoured – General Lowrents
  • Grant's Swell 19th Rifles – Granjuke New Yawk
  • Grovsenor II Storm Corps – Star-Colonel D'arby
  • Grosvenor VI 'Rose-scented' Fourth Infantry – The Baron Punis
  • Grovsenor VI Enhanced 2nd Infantry – [Command Origination classified]
  • Hag's World Irregulars – Principal Armot-Ytter
  • Hunkopian 1st  – [Command Origination unknown]
  • Hunkopian 2nd – [Command Origination unknown]
  • Hunkopian 4th  – [Command Origination unknown]
  • Ibsen XIV Infantry – Kenraali Nukkakoti
  • Lamb's World 7th – Caef-Maior Cig Oen
  • Limbs 20th Cavalry 'The Emperor's Needles' – Hochchevalier Tür
  • Limbs 4th Mechanised Infantry – Hochfyurer Kurtz
  • Melissa V 418th Infantry – High Marshal Lancelot
  • Neues Tremo 'Unloved' 93rd – Seinse Bathory
  • New Republican Browncoats – Land Admiral Glory Standun
  • Plutarch 11th Regiment – Marshal Watkins-Watkins
  • Sedna Slumdogs – King Curd
  • Selenian 1st Abs – Brayshaman Hurdy
  • Sigma-Agrian XIII – General Cleanhart
  • Tenstar Elegants – General Li
  • Varan's World Armoured – Zbora Czarin

+ Mechanicus forces of the Grovsenor Front +
+ Lord Commander Ultima Abattol was known to be disappointed by the poor support the Mechanicus lent to the Grovsenor Front, as only one Demi-Legio answered the call to Arms.
  • Legio Validus
  • Braun VI 2nd Skitarii
  • Braun VI 1010th Skitarii
  • Yoke 1st Skitarii

+ Ministorum forces of the Grovsenor Front +
+ The Grovsenor system has long had strong connections with the Ministorum, and numerous Sororitas battle Orders and Missions are dotted around the Anton Antecedent subsector. However, the subsector Grand Bishop was engaged in a long and petty rivalry with the Sector Ecclesiarch Martial VI, based in the rival hesiod-Siculus subsector. As a result, relatively few Adepta Sororitas Orders contributed to this front, to the private dismay of many, who saw the Purges as a great opportunity for the healing of political and spiritual rifts in the wake of the Hesiod Romantic Rebellion and the Hesiod Epidemic. Those that did contribute to the war effort were either disdainful of the Grand Bishop's power or politically savvy enough to recognise the way the spiritual winds were blowing. +
  • Order of Solar Ascendant – Abbess Rigel
  • Order of the Shrouded Sight – Abbess d'Arcy
  • Order of the Unvanquished Night – [Command Origination unknown]
  • Order of the Bloody Ear – Abbess Shrinner
  • Order of First Return – Canoness Louell

+ Astartes Pledges of the Grovsenor Front +
+ In stark contrast to the Ministorum's lukewarm show of force, the Adeptus Astartes pledged reassuringly large forces to the Grovsenor front. Many old contacts, pacts and bonds were honoured – some dating back to the founding of the Sector. The coreward subsectors – and especially Anton Antecedent – have long had closer connections to the rest of the Imperium than the rimwards subsectors owing to the Hyperion Warp Corridor's corewards exit. +
  • Adamants – Captain Charmin
  • Emperor's Hawks – Chapter Master Kanati
  • Imperial Fists – Captain Hunk
  • Knights of Gryphon – Captain Czeyak
  • Novamarines – Captain Mercian
  • Red Talons – Reclusiarch Ghant
  • Scarlet Blades – Chapter Master Zebulas
  • Space Wolves – Wolf Lord Sterneye

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