+ inload: Building Epic Land Raiders +

+ Notes on the Epic Land Raiders +

+ A box of the grandly-titled 'Legions Astartes Land Raider Proteus Explorator Squadron' arrived safely at my door yesterday, and I couldn't resist getting building. These are fun little tanks, but as I found a few little quirks in the build, I thought I'd flag them up to help forewarn other intrepid Enginseers. +


+ The key thing to note is that there are a couple of errors in the build instructions. Rest assured that these aren't at all difficult to overcome, but since it affects the numbers of some tiny fiddly bits, it's worth knowing. +

+ The error occurs in step 2a [+VIZREF: above+], where you're directed to put the tank's drive wheels into the side of the tank. To save you some searching, the part marked '8' does not exist (and nor does the corresponding piece on the other tracks). Presumably this component was adjusted to be built into the track unit at some point, and the instructions have not been updated. +

+ The numbering on the sprue and instructions therefore diverge from this point on. Component 7 (the Land Raider's left track section) is correct; but the Land Raider's right track section is actually component 8 on the sprue. Components 8 and 10 in the instructions do not exist. +

+ You can ignore steps 2a and 2b entirely. +

+ Once you're aware of this, the rest of the build proceeds as directed, except that you need to deduct two from each reference in the instructions to get the correct component number. Below is a marked-up copy of the final steps, with the correct numbers in red. +


+ On the bright side +

+ The mistake is undoubtedly a minor annoyance when building, but shouldn't overshadow what is a lovely litle kit. The components are wonderfully engineered and go together well; the two-part top being a particularly interesting construction that literally locks together in a way I've not seen before from GW. +

+ Leaving the mistake in the instructions aside, these tiny Land Raiders are a treat to put together, with far fewer fiddly bits than the Rhinos and Predators, whose separate exhausts are a chore. The lascannon sponsons are also arranged on the sprue better, with the joins avoiding the most delicate parts, helping to avoid putting strain on the gun barrels when removing them. The only other thing that I would flag up is component 3 on the sprue (the odd radiator thing that sits at the front of the chassis), as I nearly bent the side parts in removing it from the sprue. +


+ The completed model, lascannons and exhausts drilled out and commander perched waving merrily to his mum vigilantly scanning for greenskins. +

+ It's a pure guess, but I presume that the change must have happened quite late on in the process, and that the drive wheel components were replaced on the sprue with extra hatches and gunners, because  the silver lining of the error seems to be that you get an absolute pile of crew members and hatches. +

+ Every sprue contains three tanks, but four identical gunners plus a commander. Unlike the Predator and Rhino sprues, which have a single pintle-mounted gun (a multimelta and heavy bolter for each kit respectively), each Land Raider sprue gives you three pintle-mounted heavy bolters plus a single multimelta. While this is more than you can use for the Land Raiders themselves, these extra crew members and guns are useful both in game terms (as Rhinos, oddly, can take in-game multi-meltas), and for visual variety. +

+ If you're picking up a box alongside other kits, you'll end up with some useful spares, so bear that in mind. +


+ The Salamanders are having a tough time of it on Armageddon, so doubtless they'll appreciate the arrival of some heavy armour! Come read more about the ongoing campaign through the noosphericexloadlink below, and remember that all you need do to get involved is to use the tag #ashesofarmageddon +


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