inload: Silver Stars

 + Forbidden, not Forgotten +

+ I've lined up a 'War of the False Primarch' game against Bob Hunk's exceptional Flesh Eaters [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+] – so the Silver Stars are back on the workbench. +

+ We're aiming for a 500pt game – and as is traditional, neither of us have 500pts-worth for our respective armies (well, unless you count the is-he-isn't-he Primarch, but I think that might be a little unbalancing, even for our narrative-style gaming!) 

+ As a result, we're frantically slapping some paint on – the pict-capture above shows an array from first colours being blocked in (on the left) all the way through to finished bar the basing. +

+ It's been a while since I've worked on them, which proves just how useful it is to have a blog with the recipes on! 


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