+ Reaver Titan +

+ Engine kill! +


+ This Legio Validus Reaver is the first new Amber King off the supply lines in a long time; but a surprising lesson in just what you can do in a couple of hours when you put your mind to it. +

+ Start of the evening +

+ Above, the basic colours are in place, and I'd just started painting the panel lines black. +

+ A little while later, the panel lines are done, I've highlighted the yellow, and the base has received a basecoat. +

+ Same stage, from another angle +

+ End of the evening +

+ All polished off bar any final tweaks I decide to make. The great joy of acrylics is that you're able to work back over things very easily. +

+ There was a lot of exploratory painting work here, some very enjoyable 'flow' stuff. The downside is that I didn't really take much notice of what colours I was using, so it might be a bit of a struggle to replicate things for future Engines. Fortunately, I don't think consistency is critical with Titans. They're hundreds or thousands of years old, and as long as the base notes are clear, I think there's leeway for variety. +

+ I was tempted to use oils again here (they were a lot of fun, and I haven't had a chance to use them much recently), but in the end decided to see how well I could replicate them using acrylics. I used spattering and glazing to build up texture, warmth and shading – compare the clean flat shot from the midpoint:

... with the finished piece. You'll see browns and purples apparent in the yellow shadow – the blending executed partially with a big flat brush, and partially with a clean thumb(!). + 

+ I feel there's a story around the figures on the base; perhaps they'll inspire someone to write about an Inquisitor or similar sent to oversee the Legio – after all, that ancient sigil on this Engine's shoulder is perhaps not the best thing to wave around the Inquisition... +

+ Legio Validus always rather suffered from being my 'ideal' legion – that is, I wanted to develop it and build lots of complex lore... and as a rather inevitable result never started. Sometimes it's best just to go for it and see where things lead you, rather than overplanning and undersupplying. +

+ This poor Engine doesn't even have a name yet... + 


+ Illuminations +

+ Few little detail shots. Not convinced about the Eye of Horus shoulder; might swap it out... might build it into the lore... Who can say? +

+ Rear view  +

+ Front view – there's a distinct lack of a Legio symbol here... unless the blue arrow is it? +


  1. Great depth of color there.

    Maybe given the history of the legio you could paint an imperial eagle OVER the eye?

    Otherwise it is too dubious and would have to go. (Although one appearing in M40 would be interesting, since by then the meaning would have been lost)

  2. That's fantastic, what an imposing beast. Most efficient work indeed!

  3. For the "Eye of Horus", I'd maybe fluff it as a relic "Eye of Terra" showing the engine's extreme age? Add some thunderbolts?

  4. Lovely! I meant to ask, do you magnetise your titan weapons? They all seem to be fantastic poses, so I wasn't sure? :)


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