+ inload: A brief return to The Augustine Crusade +

 + Commissar Mortilegere +

+ Deployed to the region as part of the ongoing Officio Prefectus sweeps, Kahlo Mortilegere was stationed with the starport garrison on Gella Major, at the time a well-defended region, considered well back from the bulk of the fighting. + 

+ Attached to the Finbin First Fusiliers, an inexperienced light regiment that was lumbered with the inevitable nickname in high command as the 'Effing Finbins', Mortilegere's posting was to prove unexpectedly eventful; as it made her present during the Ardent System Counteroffensive in M42.050–053. +

+ Later assessed to be Hesh's final sally, at the time the counteroffensive was yet another blow from an enemy that was proving unexpected and resourceful, reclaiming recently-captured territory and rolling over strongholds and bastions that were yet to be completed. Securing these bunkers and bulwarks extended the Augustine Crusade's closing stages by many months, as the Traitor forces drove the Imperials back and were immediately able to make good on the Imperials half-finished fortifications. +

+ After the offensive, in which she served to ensure the Gella Major garrison  could hold until relieved, she was seconded to the Cadian 144th – the so-called Cadian Last, where she served for the remainder of the war. +


+ Despite seemingly painting nothing but Space Marines for the past couple of years, I still consider myself a Guard player at heart. The humanity and personality that you can get into a human figure is hard to match, and being able to draw elements from all over is a great benefit. +

+ It's been a while since we've delved into the Augustine Crusade – the delay on my part largely down to my order from Reptilian Overlords miniatures now  outstanding for two years and counting. Slack's got to be cut for the global pandemic, but I dearly want to get stuck into the Kolossans. +

+ In the meantime, I finished painting up this Commissar. She'll be winging here way through the Warp to fellow traveller The Rook – his blog can be found here [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+], as part of a prisoner exchange model swap we did within the group. +

+ If you fancy giving the model a go yourself, the main components are:

  • Commissar Hat from a finecast Commissar
  • Face/head from a Van Saar figure, with greenstuff neck.
  • Torso is from an old Empire figure (Greatsword, or possible Empire Militia)
  • The coat is from the Tempestus Scions kit, with a greenstuff chain for detail
  • The arms are Forgeworld Cadian, as are the weapons
  • The legs are from AT-43 Steel Troopers.

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