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+ Further following the Lamb's Worlders around, I wanted to add some thanks to the contributions and brilliant conversions for various Guard regiments I've seen on the + Death of a Rubricist + Facebook group [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. +


+ Highside +

Circa 379.M34 Highside made contact with the outside. Hesitant at first when the bubble of reality began to break down and fragments of the greater galaxy broke through. Had the traitors won? Did the Imperium stand? 
Sadly, the genetic forces of the Geno Zweitausend, lauded and hailed as heroes on Highside, were seen as aberrants and walking visions of distrust in the Imperium of today. 
Sidelined out of the Imperial forces they remain as the PDF of Highside.

Extr. Liber Corvus – Scribator Tewarts Finlay-Dye

The Highside Reintegration Campigns were a series of hard-fought battles between Regiments loyal to the Old Imperium, who invaded the long-lost Forge World with the intention of housing settlers displaced by warfare with Nova Terra. The Highside defenders – only recently finding the world's place in the Imperium – fought the clearances bitterly amongst the highlands and rocky places of their planet.

At the core of the – eventually successful – resistance, were the Geno Zweitausend; a genetically modified elite corps that outmatched even the Lamb's World own elite Grenadier corps.

+ With thanks to Andy of Corvuspaints for the fantastic setting. I hope to feature his Highsiders as a guestinload soon. +

+ XXIX: Braxas Bree. Highside Reitegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – punjee trap +

+ XVII: Chastener Abrams Meph. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – martyred by ploughshare. +

+ XXX and XXXI: Ob Cwmbrae and Maras Fell. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – counter battery fire. +

+ XXXII and XXXIII: Zara Fanwy and Teeh Senwicce. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA unconfirmed – MIA. +

+ XXXIV: Breffy Ap Tyl. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – blood loss. +

+ LeGuin's Star campaign +

Lamb's World forces were deployed alongside the Salizar 71st and 13th during the attempted Pacification of Urras. They operated with distinction under the command of Salizarian General Lõpez. The death of the reactionary Caef-Maior Tunte early in the war saw a brevet promotion for an up-and-coming officer Rhian ap Humphrey. Her canny leadership improved relations with the Salizarian forces, and saw LeGuin's Star won for the Nova Terrans in short order. +

+ XXXV: Briony Van Dam. LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA confirmed – Multiple bayonet wounds. +

+ XXXVI: Osc Druit. LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA confirmed – Decapitation. +

+ XXXVI: Keel Taif. LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA unconfirmed +

+ XXXVII: Genny Isdda . LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA confirmed – Insubordiation  +

+ Chu Tzu Offensive +

The chem-swamps of Chu Tzu – a 'protectorate' of the little-known Fomor species – proved a deadly deathtrap for the Lamb's World 103rd; with the regiment suffering near total losses in the brief hours of the initial offensive. Specialists from Veet Ling and abhumans from Balzene were deployed in support, but the campaign settled into a bloody quagmire for years afterwards. Hundreds dies of swamprot and fever; but many thousands more simply vanished into the mists during patrols.

+ XXXVIII: Mothy Shirefew. Chu Tzu Offensive. KIA confirmed – battlefield execution following being rendered unfit for service through limb loss. +

+ XXXIX: Bran Shummer. Chu Tzu Offensive. KIA unconfirmed + 

+ XL: Mothy Shirefew. Chu Tzu Offensive. KIA unconfirmed. +

+ Camazotz War +

Fought against the Krell over the previously-Imperial world of Camazotz, the Lamb's Worlders found themselves in a good position to finish the job begun by the Stellar Steeds Chapter Astartes. Deployed in an anti-insurgency role, the Lamb's Worlders took part in only one set-piece battle, a one-sided affair that saw the herds of dominated citizenry sent across a desert plain against the long-range specialists of the Lamb's World 88th.

+  XLI: Soddo Caprig. Camazotz War. KIA confirmed – battlefield execution. +

+ XLII: Bantas Toast. Camazotz War. KIA confirmed: caught in explosion. +

+ XLIII: Capy Fenton. Camazotz War. KIA confirmed: limb loss. +

+ Neomunda +

The Lamb's World 12th Armoured Corps were deployed to the borderworld of Neomunda (formerly New Mundus; renamed following its double-secession from both Old Imperium and subsequently Nova Terran forces). A month-long three-way armoured duel began between the forces of the Old Imperium, Nova Terrans and the Neomundan's own Stalk-Brigades.

+ XLIV: Caspor Brokenspar. Neomunda. KIA confirmed – catastrophic haemorrhage +

+ XLV: Crew of the Delivery Service. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – artillery strike. +

+ XLVI: Isti Vayl, Commander of the Echo of Breakers. Neomunda. KIA – asphyxiation. +

+ XLVII: Remaining crew of the Echo of Breakers. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – unidentified cause. +

+ XLVIII: Crew of the Lamb of the God-Emperor. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – magazine detonation. +

+ XLIX: Crew of the Lovely Girl. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – boarded. +

+ L: Enders Walt. Neomunda. KIA – mass-driver strike. +

+ LI: Erun Iax. Neomunda. KIA – dehydration. +



Suber said...

I'm in love with this army. Fun fact, it's the exact pattern I used for my own Imperial Guard back in the day (needless to say these minis look absolutely better than mine in every way possible). Glorious work, sir!

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Love your own going campaigns and background.

Riot said...

Spoiler alert! everybody dies!!

Those miniatures look awesome!

krakendoomcool said...

These are all fantastic. You've got a lot of character into these fellas. Guard can often look plain and samey but these are all little dudes with a job to do. The cow, graffiti and hitcher all lend to the overall story. Brilliant!

P.S. finally figured out how to comment on your blog.

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Great work.

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Ha! Yeah, GRIMDARK and all that :D

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Ta very much – always fun to link things together, I think.

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Thanks Suber – and I'm sure you're hiding your light under a bushel, there. Why not bring 'em out to join the Alien Wars?

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Hurrah – glad you sorted out communications and are patched into the Astronomicon's subnet noosphere here. Thanks for the kind words on the army, too.

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Thanks Kym!