+ inload: Building Mortarion +

+ Something stirs in the warp... +

+ Lucky me received reinforcements – to the tune of one Daemon Primarch, no less. As befits a prince of Chaos, he jumped right up the queue and demanded to be built. +

+ Largely stock – it's a wonderful base model – I couldn't resist tweaking a few bits and bobs. For the most part, my changes were simply stripping things back to the base silhouette, by removing extraneous sculpted detail. I've left off or trimmed down the majority of the hanging chains. +

+ To make sense of how the fabric hangs, I needed to add something with a little weight, so I replaced the giant chains and censers with rather more subtle Nurgle/Death Guard icons and bells (in keeping with the theme of the rest of the force). +

+ I also rotated Silence, Mortarion's scythe, about halfway along. The shape seemed very odd, beforehand, and while I'm no expert in scythes, the shape and way it was held felt slightly off. Realism isn't at the heart of a GIANT FLOATING ROT DAEMON, but verisimilitude – making it look like it could work – is important. Regardless, I think the rotation helps gives a sense of motion to the figure, and Silence now leads the eye in towards the body, rather than drawing all the attention to itself. +

+ I left the icon off his right shoulder pad [left of pict-capture above], leading me some space for freehand; and I replaced the honking great horns on the other with some fly-ridden smoke/incense. +

+ They're minor alterations, but give a little distinction to personalise the model for me. I've used sand texture paste medium for the base, to help integrate the rocks. +

+ Even taking my tweaks into account, the model went together well, and builds into a really imposing and impressive centrepiece. I'm usually not one for big models or heroes, but Primarchs seem to be an exception! +

+ How – and whether – he'll end up seeing much time on the table, I don't know; but I'm looking forward to painting him up. +

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  1. Wow, it's really impressive. Can't wait to see it painted.


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