+ inload: Bleak Vespers painting progress +

+ Bleak Vespers: painting progress +

+ Buoyed by time to paint, I've cracked on with the Death Guard. Above you can see the Blightbringer. Not finished yet, but coming along. I pontificated wrote about that in an earlier inload [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], where I described the plan to mute the plasma pistol; build up the bell in his hand as asecondary focal point, and draw the eye to the main tocsin. +

+ This is coming along, but you'll spot that the main bell is still too close in tone to its surroundings – I'll have to work something out to catch the eye – and the plasma pistol is still a bit too striking. With that said, I quite like it as it stands, so the challenge may be to simply make the tocsin stand out more. +

+ With regards to the handbell, that's looking much warmer. A bit more highlighting and that's going to be done, I think. It's not as striking as I'd aimed, but I like the beaten bronze feel. In addition, I'd not taken this cheery little nurgling into account. Now I've got him painted up – isn't the little blighter a cutie? – he adds a lot of visual weight to this side, helping to balance the piece. +

+ What's my point? Simply that while planning is good, it's also okay to adapt on the fly to take into account things not working, or happy accidents. +


+ Concentrating on the Blightbringer left little time for anything else, but I did touch in the eyes on the batch, along with rebasing details – cables, weapon handles, basically anything that isn't white or green – on the three below in brown-black. This stages tidies and redefines areas that need attention, and helps clarify what's what. +

+ Basing is on my mind. The test model was on urban grey, but I'm having second thoughts on that. The scheme is already drab, and I wonder if a warm earthy colour could work. +

+ It's satisfying to see things progress day by day; even if just by a little. +

+ When painting something, I often look up photographs for source material. Somehow, I don't fancy doing it for infected/necrotic flesh... +

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