+ inload: Librarian, Devastators and... er... something else +

+ Blood Angels +

+ Ecanus, Codicier +

+ Codicier Epigines El'Grigor, known as Ecanus 3:08 of the Withinlookmen +

+ A fairly simple conversion; I wanted to nod to the Librarian from 1991 [vizref: pictcapture below] by incorporating a back banner, and playing about with the pose a little. I think I'll add a little scroll in his open left hand to further cement the bond. I toyed with a Mark VI helm, as per the original, but it just didn't look right. I decided to run with an artificer helm that evokes some of the detailing of the original. After all, we shouldn't be slavish when converting. +

+ Besides the twist in pose and bits swapping, the left arm has been fairly subtly repositioned to look a bit more passive than the standard sculpt. This took a fair bit of trimming and testing for not much obvious result, but I think it was worth it – if I'm adding a scroll, I want the focus of the model to be on it. A sword held more tensely robs the pose of that focus. +

+ The only other thing of note in the conversion is the Mark VI torso – a simple case of scraping away detail and replacing it with other detail is part of what will make this model feel like part of the overall force. It's easy for character models to stand out in a bad way. +


+ Devastators +

+ Woo; big guns! These two mark the final outstanding members of the line infantry for the army; leaving just the Chaplain and Medic to build. +

+ Just to demonstrate I am a glutton for punishment, the Mark VI cabling and detail is present on the bolter-armed marine; it's just completely covered up! +

+ I ummed and ahhed about whether to go with boltguns or boltrifles for the right-hand marine, and ended up going with the boltgun – mainly swayed by comments from the Bolter & Chainsword blog [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+].  +

+ Glad I did; he looks much closer to the source material as a result. +


+ Other bits and bobs +

+ Besides Ecanus and the Devastators, I built another casualty, this time taken from the new Black Legion character Haarken Worldclaimer. Really wish GW would release some more casualties as a standalone. +

+ Finally, an 'assault' marine. Not the jump-pack equipped sort, but a unit intended to leg it across the battlefield spraying bolts into all sorts of nasty xenos. +

+ Likely counting as an Intercessor in-game, he'll probably be painted up with Assault markings. +

+ ...and finally +

+ Something I'm disproportionately pleased with: the glass panels in my Rhino. +


Lasgunpacker said...

All great stuff as always, but the metal heavy bolter is particularly pleasing!

ssspectre said...

All looks promising. Is the glass just fancy paintwork, judicious use of gloss varnish, or something else entirely?

Ratmaul said...

Great work, as usual. I like the glasteel slits on the Rhino...

Suber said...

Simply magnificent. I love them all.

Floyd Lawton said...

Wow! I thought I was crazy shading and highlighting chest eagles only to have them end up behind bolters, but I'm not sculpting them on there 😀
Amazing work as always, I fondly remember reading that issue over and over as a kid so I've been loving this whole project! Keep up the good work!

(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

Great work. I can't believe how well the old metal heavy bolter works as a primaris-scale weapon!

apologist said...

I was really in two minds on whether to use these bolters, or try another tack; but I'm delighted with the results.

apologist said...

[SCRAPSHuNTERRORABORT] I intended to describe how I did it in the inload – can't believe I forgot! :D

It's a simple case of using PVA to glue in some small squares of blister-pack plastic after priming.

apologist said...

Cheers Ratmaul – it's pretty simple and effective, isn't it?

apologist said...

Too kind! :)

apologist said...

Cheers Floyd – and great to hear it's recognisable. I think that period was an influence on a lot of people, wasn't it?

apologist said...

Yeah, and it fits nicely. All it really needs is a little extension on the handle.

ssspectre said...

Wonderful! I thank you for the explanation and I'm sure the planet thanks you for recycling a little bit.