+ inload: Terminators, War Machines... and Dwarfs? +

+ I've been busy recently, with little time (and in fairness, given the lovely weather, little inclination) to catch up on painting. Today's inload is a little compilation of bits and pieces that I've been building in the odd snatched half-hours here and there. +

+ There's no real theme for this inload beyond the fact all the models are new models that have been converted to be updates of old models. All a bit retro! +

+ Devastators +

+ No, not that sort of Devastators... Instead, a bit of a nod to the RTB03 box [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], with field artillery and a Land Speeder. The quad-launcher, or 'thudd gun', was built straight out of the box. I'm in two minds about the oval base I've used. It'll allow the crew to stand closer, but looks slightly awkward... Reckon I ought to swap it to a 60mm round? +

The gracious Ilmarinen very kindly picked me up the advanced release of the retro Land Speeder, which I hastily assembled. In order to fit into the army, I had to hack up the crew and convert them using Primaris marine parts. This wasn't as difficult as I'd feared it might be, though it was quite time-consuming. I was pleased with the torso of the pilot [left of the pict-capture], which was achieved by filing down the Primaris torso, then gluing the carefully-trimmed piping from the original pilot into place. This is something I'll likely do for future Mark VI marines – I've got a few left to build for the (actual) Devastator squad. +

+ You'll notice the gunner uses Mark IV parts – I was tempted to put him in Mark VI too, but I'm trying to bear in mind the army as a whole. While the original inspiration, summarised in this inload [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], has marines in uniform armour marks, I've been mixing things up a little, while trying to keep the 'feel' of uniformity. As a result, there are a couple of marines in different armour marks scattered here and there through the squads; and it's this principle that's made me put a Maximus-armoured gunner here. Different enough, but with a similar silhouette to the Mark VI. +

+ Dwarfs +

+ My take on the dwarf warband for Shadespire, I've converted these to fit more closely with my existing dwarf throng – essentially, making them into proper clan dwarfs rather than troll-slayers. +

+ The desaturated image above gives a better impression, but the colour version above makes the conversion work clearer. In addition to a lot of trimming and replacement of the more distinctive Fireslayer aesthetics, I've also used greenstuff to sculpt on tunics, boots and trousers. +

+ Terminators +

+ Truescale Terminators – I've had a crack at these a few times now, but my latest iteration is, I think, the closest I've ever managed to get to the classic aesthetic:

+ Like the Land Speeder crew above, they're deceptively simple conversions; it's really about confidence more than anything else. The Adeptus Custodes Aquilon Terminators, which make up the bulk of the conversions, are expensive models, so its a little nerve-wracking to chop into them. I'll be posting a step-by-step in a future inload on how I've made these, which I hope will take some of the uncertainty away for anyone attempting a similar conversion. +

+ The obligatory scale picture, using a Primaris marine for comparison. +


  1. I like the direction your taking with the Shadespire Dwarves.

    1. Cheers! The throng of Nog has been steadily growing in the background, though nothing really exciting enough to blog about. In particular, I've been collecting some proper lead crossbowmen, which I'm looking forward to painting.

  2. 60mm base for sure, although you could also do a 60mm flat base and then put the crew on the flat?

    Those terminators are great! Not for the faint of heart (or wallet) though.

  3. I love everything here, but I'm particularly interested in the truescale termies, as I myself haven't found any satisfactory solution yet and this is the first time ever I see them working! Kudos to you!

  4. Loving the terminators. Really showing the benefits of the primaris 'back to clean armour plate' aesthetic- not everything has to look like it came from a history museum, and was then gilded.
    i got such a distinctive buzz looking at them- that it took me a second to recognize the last time I felt it- when viewing the modern loyalist terminator release. Such an improvement and progression from the monopose plastic pushfits- coming back to the heart of what makes their design great.

    I have no nostalgic love for the float-o-couch speeder but I note that your primaris work has effectively undone the rescaling of the speeder to a more sensible proportion relative to the crew. You've certainly made it more reflective of the original design than FW's effort.

    Finally, the dwarf work is nice to see- AoS skews their designs a little fantastical for my tastes and I like the grounded aesthetic of fantasy dwarves.


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