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+ Alien Wars: Escalation +

+ I've updated The Alien Wars section (see tabs above) to create a node where I can add further links as the project continues, and explain the project a little more. I've had a few questions and requests for clarification, so hopefully things are now a bit clearer. +

+ So, if you've been interested but not known how to get involved, hop over to the Alien Wars page [+noopsheric inloadlink embedded+], or read on for some ideas and discussion here. +

+ Of course, while it's nice to tick things over myself, the best bit of this is seeing the work other hobbyists have been making. I've been absolutely astonished by the pieces submitted so far – thank you all; and I'm looking forward to sharing more soon. Here's a taster:
James Turner's Sabre Selene [The Pig's Sty]
Lex Bigal's Inquisitor Theodora [Servitor Crusade]

Josh Noble's Eldar Raiders

K0rdhai's Janii [K0rdhai's Instagram]
DeathCat147's Magos Barbas Vholk [One Four Seven Miniatures]
Lex Bigal's Ultramarine Scout

+ If you'd like to get involved, here are a few questions +

  • Do you want to explore the fractured Imperium, or the gathering might of the various aliens?
  • Are your forces loyal to Terra, Nova Terra, undecided – or simply seeking the fall of the puny hu-mans?
  • What sparked your imagination when you got into the hobby? Can you update a favourite old model or army?
  • Do you want to investigate a 'canon' individual/force, or explore your own unique characters and lore?

+ Forces and factions you might like to explore +

  • The orks of various petty empires have never stopped raiding human worlds; and now the Imperium's forces are turned inwards, they've never been more bold.
  • With Imperial pickets thinning and staying closer to potential internal troublespots, the Eldar are freer than ever to explore.
  • The Adeptus Mechanicus are beginning to be wracked by the signals from Moirae... which side of the schism will your force join?
  • Rogue Traders will doubtless be able to turn the disputes and disruption in shipping to their own advantage.
  • The squat homeworlds are alive and well. How is this dominion reacting to the politicking of the broader Imperium?
  • How do the Inquisition react? Nova Terra and the worlds of the Segmentum Pacificus might have rejected subjugation to the governance of Terra, but they still worship the Emperor and pay their tithe. Doubtless individual Inquisitors fall on different sides of the discussion.
  • The Astartes are noted as remaining largely aloof from the political conflict, but as with any Imperial organisation, they doubtless have their own aims...
  • Wilderness space starts to be reclaimed as the Imperial presence retreats; what minor species will emerge from there?
  • On frontiers and backwaters alike, the knowledge that worlds now stand alone may lead individual planetary governors – or the populace – to toy with independence.

+ What I'm doing +

+ The underlying aim of this project is simple – to make a model (or army) that speaks to your own nostalgia for your introduction to Warhammer 40,000. The army that has stuck with me as the 'ur-example' of a 40k army is the Blood Angels Third Company, detailed in White Dwarf issues 136–139. I'm building an homage to that army using modern models, materials and techniques. +

The Rogue Trader aesthetics inspired my orks and marines
+ Beyond that, the 35th Millennium setting, the period of the Nova Terra Interregnum. The premise for this choice of setting is similarly simple. The current era of Warhammer 40,000 itself has become a very different beast to the one I grew up with. That, of course, has its own appeal (and the PCRC and I continue to explore that in our Antona Australis setting), but choosing a point in the murky past of 40k gives myself – and I hope you – more freedom to play with building our models. +

+ So, why not join in with the Alien Wars? All you need do is think back to what first grabbed you about the 40k setting, and get building and painting. If you'd like to share it, I'd like to invite you to share it on the Death of a Rubricist Facebook page, or with the #alienwars hashtag on Instagram. +

+ There's no need to restrict yourself to a particular set of rules or location – after all, it's a big galaxy – but please do feel free to share any gaming, too. +

+ Looking forward to seeing your take on the horrors of the M35 galaxy, and what the divided Imperium will come up with to defend itself... +


Sean said...

Hey Apologist, I'm faced with a quandry. I REALLY like the idea of the Nova Terra secession(I've always had a soft spot for the Byzantine Empire), but my particular nostalgia for the game comes from reading the 3.5 Chaos codex. I feel like the most genuine way for me to contribute would be by making a Word Bearer, but I also feel like it goes against the spirit of the whole "Alien Wars" idea. Should I look for another way to explore the period?

apologist said...

Hey Sean, glad to hear you're enthused! I can immediately picture a Word Bearer infiltrating a shrineworld (I'm sure he'd appreciate the irony and hypocrisy of the Ecclesiarchy), and building a cult around himself. That could equally easily happen somewhere in the Greater Imperium or the Nova Terran region, as the political/religious nature of the times is very complex.

While my focus is on 'Space Marines vs Aliens', that's my own personal nostalgia for the Blood Angels, Ork and Eldar. The Nova Terra Interregnum's a big place :)

In short, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer here – but why not both?

Lugal Ur said...

Talk about exciting! Apologist, I must say I've always been a fan of your hobbycrafting work. I was specially fond of your Adeptus Mechanicus project back in Warseer which predated the current 'official' range. While most my models are on the current range, I did take much inspiration from your work back then and I still have most of what once were unit choices for the Tempus Fugitives codex.

I've stumbled upon the blog, and I am intrigued. I will certainly take a look at the FB page and cook something of my own. So many dark crannies and nooks in the Dark Millenium to be explored.

apologist said...

Ah, the Braun VI IInd? I've been toying with reanimating those (read – recreate, using the newer models as the basis). A broader palette of bits – and ten years more practise – can only improve the results, right?

Lovely to hear from a long-time inloader, by the way; thanks for the kind words :) Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the dark times of the Interregnum.

Lugal Ur said...
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Lugal Ur said...

Exactly those! I've went so far as to get a Warmachine Warjack so that I could tackle your interpretation of an Archmagos' suit back then. No doubt!

It will doubtlessly be something interesting! :)