+ inload: Squat Day +

+ Grab bag o'plans +

+ A hint more building for my Blood Angels last night; I bashed a few WIP marines together for the Devastators, based on the image on the right. +

+ These are using the Forgeworld Raven Guard heads for the most part, as the resin allows for undercuts and sharper detail. However, I do have some mark VI heads with bionic bits from the plastic Devastator sprue – I'm planning to use those for the heavy weapon gunners. +


+ Never skip leg day +

+ Just a happy note that the first squat for two decades or so is released from Forge World today. The grumpy little abhumans will be making an appearance in the Alien Wars, and I'll be pre-ordering one with a view to converting some others in the same style. +

+ In the meantime, I thought I'd show off some of my old squat conversions to celebrate the occasion. +

+ Dabnett Unwerth is Converted from an old plastic squat with some spare Elysian arms. The 'bullpup' design – that is, with the rifle's magazine set behind the trigger – means that this sort of setup works nicely with squats. I think it looks a bit more convincing as the sort of weapon they'd find as handy in a tunnel fight as the open field. +

+ The other chap here was intended as a hearthguard. He's a simple hand swap from a Mantic Games' figure – one of their Deathball range. I'm interested to see how the various heights compare between new FW, old GW and the Mantic range. +

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