+ inload: The Alien Wars and Hruk +

+ The Alien Wars +

+ There's been a little flurry of activity around the Alien Wars project, which I've opened up to anyone who'd like to get involved – feel free to dive in with the #alienwars hashtag. There's a little info on the new tab at the top, and here's a [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] for anyone on mobile. + 

+ I have expanded that tab with some further ideas – and will be adding pict-captures of other people's models – but the short 'brief' is simply to make a model (or more) that fits into the Nova Terra Interregnum of M35, a period of instability in the Imperium that saw the resurgence of Xenos threats. +

+ This is a broad brief; intentionally so, because there's very little written about this period of 40k history. There are a few hints here and there, but it's very open for your ideas. I've expanded on those through the link above. +

+ In with the Old +

+ For myself, I've been shamelessly immersing myself in nostalgia, tying the project together with an urge I've had to update the models that caught my youthful imagination – namely the Blood Angels of White Dwarf issue 139, and the orks of Luggub's Drop Legion, who turned up in the first Rogue Trader expansion, the Book of the Astronomicon. The unseemly looking chap above is an update of Hruk, the ork second-in-command from the Rogue Trader scenario The Battle for the Farm. The Kev Adams original is up there for comparison. +

+ ...and Also With the New +

+ But there's no need to restrict your explorations of the Alien Wars to revisiting old models. Here are two plastic Sisters of Battle, for example, ready for paint. +

+ How do I get involved? +

+ If you'd like to share your model – or models – you just need to use the #alienwars hashtag on Facebook or Instagram. However, I'd be delighted to share your models here on Death of a Rubricist, to collect the #alienwars models together. +

+ If you'd like to showcase your work here, please either drop a comment below, or get in contact via Facebook [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+]. +

Thrugg, Hruk... and an ork boy who's about to get a bashin' for wandering into the bosses photoshoot.


Suber said...

Your work on the Orks is astonishing, I love your take on all of them!

apologist said...

Ta very much - it’s been great to play around with the greenskins. I think they’ve been sold a bit short recently; there’s more to orks than green barbarians😀