+ inload: Blood Angels for the Alien Wars +

+ Blood Angels reinforcements inbound +

+ A quick scale shot of the belligerents of the Arcturus campaign: Deocritic Guardsman, Astartes, greenskin (dominant ork designate), greenskin (slave caste). +

+ I'd dug out the Blood Angel as reference for painting the others in his squad, and thought I'd pop him up with some other figures. Thrugg Bullneck here is a Nob, which goes to show quite how tall the Primaris models are. +

+ The other half of 'The Wards of Furiel under Lord Dahavauron, Prince of the Erelim; 3rd Strateia of the Host of the Angels of the Blood' +

(or Squad Raphael, Third Company to their friends)

+ As mentioned, I've been painting. Minor update, really, but might be of interest. +

+ There's also a couple of loose Devastators (below) alongside Brother Engel. I'm looking forward to tackling the blue helms. How will I get them to fit the Blanchian palette? Might have to take some inspiration from Anders Zorn, an artist who used a very limited palette to great effect [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+]. +


commissarmoody said...

Looking forward to seeing more on this series.

KrautScientist said...

Love the comparison shot at the top! Such an enjoyable little potpourri of miniatures! :)

When it comes to creating suitably Blanchian Blood Angels, you can always default back to squiggly black flames and yellow and black hazard stripes, if all else fails ;) Seriously, though: IIRC, the 2nd edition cover actually had the squiggly flames on blue Devastator helmets...?!

apologist said...

I've set up a landing page for the Alien Wars (https://apologentsia.blogspot.co.uk/p/alien-wars.html) if you'd like to get involved :)

apologist said...

Cheers! Yeah, I'm currently in two minds abut the freehand on the Blood Angels. On the one hand, it's not really obvious in the army I'm emulating; on the other it's a fantastic look. I'm tempted to save them for veterans or similar. What do you reckon?

commissarmoody said...

I will give it a look. :)