+ inload: Confrontation at Coripaest +

+ The Kehudo Spills is the first system of note with the Inner Isolation of Vectum, a region of space forbidden to Imperial travel. Of course, while Imperial ships do not travel inwards, the Archenemy forces within occasionally sally out... +

+ Such was the case as the embittered sons of Perturabo launched an attack from the Spills onto the isolated border world of Simmer, on the corewards and spinwards reach of the Invictus subsector. +

+ This attack was the first in a calculated series of assaults that formed the spearhead of the Archenemy fleet that came to be known as the Curdling Armada, a fleet that bypassed Imperial defences and travelled spinwards during late M41. +

+ Such a huge confluence of Archenemy vessels would have proven a significant – even catastrophic – threat to any Imperial subsector, but as it subsequently proved, the chaotic forces were after a specific prize – the Space Hulk Feverdream, which had entered the Tzi'Na Enclave, a portion of space newly claimed by the Tau... +

+ The opening moves that led to the subsequent Feverdream War, are detailed here:

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+ A couple of friends – Lucifer216 and Warmtamale – got together over the weekend for a few games, and we ended up playing a very enjoyable couple of games of 8th edition. I didn't make notes on this one, but playing against Lucifer216's beautiful Knight houses made for a visual feast that I wanted to share. +

The Footsore 242nd draw up a battleline through the outlying districts of Nanbred, one of Simmer's numerous manufacturing towns. 

+ Still being largely unfamiliar with 8th edition, I stuck with tried-and-tested infantry. The Iron Warriors all counted as Primaris marines (or Lieutenants, Captains etc.), and this worked beautifully well. +

+ Elements of House Temporis and the subservient House Nestis were present +
+ Fighting a full army of Knights with a 'standard' reinforced infantry list in earlier editions would have been a dreadfully boring game, with the infantry relegated to hiding and claiming objectives. In 8th, the Iron Warriors themselves could offer some useful support to the heavier-hitting armour. +

+ Knights loom over the battlefield, giving a great visual against the buildings and terrain. +

+ The line holds. +
+ 8th edition made for great-looking visuals, as there's no incentive to position models or vehicles awkwardly for some in-game advantage: you can just place them to look good! + 

+ This shot really shows the visual impact of fighting Knights – just check out the comparison with the three-storey building in the background! +

+ From infantry eye level, you have to Know No Fear to dare take on these huge fighting machines. +

+ House Nestis clashes with the savage forces of chaos. +
+ The game ended with a fairly conclusive victory for the 242nd, which leaves the way open for the Curdling Armada to advance on Tau space... keep an eye out for a new PCRC campaign. +


+ Access more dataflow on House Nestis: [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]
+ Access more dataflow on House Temporis: [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]
+ Access more dataflow on the 242nd Cohort: [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]


Golgfag1 said...

Nice Battle report, I'll be going through the rest of your blog for inspiration for some of my own games - thanks

Paul / Golgfag1

apologist said...

Thanks Paul – hope you find some inspiration. The +Flow-cascade Nodes+ list includes links to help search the blog.

Akrim said...

Tht is a cool looking battle. Liking those Iron Warrior tanks esp!

apologist said...

Thanks very much. If you’re after closer pics, access the ‘Officio Monstrosa’ or ‘Iron Warrior’ tags on the sidebar.